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Woodcarving Online Magazine "Info Only" Mail List

Ever missed the message anouncing a new issue of WOM or the start of the last World Wide Woodcarver Exchange session? Is your mail box swamped by messages from all the email lists to which you belong?

Well, help is at hand - the WOM-W3E-News mail list is now available, with NO off topic chat.

In fact, WOM-W3E-News has no discussion at all - it's only purpose is to pass on announcements related to Woodcarver Online Magazine, the World Wide Woodcarver Exchange, and other activities at

So if you want to ensure that you don't miss any important WOM-W3E announcements, click HERE to join the list. To be even more sure you see the WOM-W3E-News announcements, set up a mailbox in your mail client and filter the WOM-W3E messages directly into that mail box.

Questions, queries, posers? Send email to


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