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The 2010 Competition Winners Gallery

Group F - Bird Carving

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1st in Group - Birds

1st in Class 603 - Songbird - realistic, painted

James Spencer - Hudson, MI

Tufted Titmouse

14 x 10 x 6





2nd in Group - Birds

1st in Class 601 - Waterfowl, shorebird/marsh bird, realistic, painted

Don Fey - Omaha, NE

Blue Wing Teal Hen

5 x 5 x 11






3rd in Group - Birds

1st in Class 602 - Game bird or bird of prey - reealistic, painted

Wayne E Andrews - Berrien Springs, MI

Sharp Shinned Hawk

15 x 5 x 7






1st in Class 604 - All other species - realistic, painted

Bob Henry - El Cajon, CA

Zebra Dove

3 x 3 x 8





1st in Class 605 - All species - realistic, natural or stained

Samuel E Slagle - Beavercreek, OH


7 x 23 x 20






1st in Class 606 - Combining 2 or more Group F subjects, realistic, all finishes

Jesse Rutz - Chicago, IL


2 x 6 x 6



Photo 47



1st in Class 607 - Service Class Decoys - Ducks with a keel, shorebirds on a stick, all finishes

Bob Berry - El Cajon, CA

Mountain Plover

12 x 3 x 6


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