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Artistry In Wood 2010 Gallery

Photos by Jack A. and Carole Williams

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Janes O'Neal



James O'Neal



James O'Neal 2

James O'Neal 3



James O'Neal

Female Contortionist


Terry Brasher



Terry Brasher



Lenard Watts

Lenard Watts 2



Lenard Watts

Father and Son



Ray Kunz 1

Ray Kunz 2

Ray Kunz 3



Ray Kunz

Kindred Spirits


Tom Schumaker



Tom Shumaker

Box basswood/Cherry


Tim Higginson



Timothy Higginson

Quilt Stand


Robert Stadtlander 25a

Robert Stadtlander 26b

Robert Stadtlander 26c



Robert Stadtlander

Treasure Hunter


Ray Price a

Ray Price b

Ray Price c



Ray Price



Don Worley



Don Worley

WWI Doughboy


Charles Smalligan 29



Charles Smalligan

From Frager's 'End of Trail'


Rick Jensen 1

Rick Jensen 2

Rick Jensen 3



Rick Jensen

Fantasy Tree House


Robert Biermann



Robert Biermann

Santa checks his list


Terry Brasher



Terry Brasher

"Tablita Dance" Mask


Pat Scott 1

Pat Scott 2

Pat Scott 3



Pat Scott

First Pitch


Linda Sales 1



Linda Sales

Heavenly Flowers


Linda Sales 2



Linda Sales

Stoned I Fly


Lowell Converse

Lowell Converse 2



Lowell Converse

Walnut/white oak bowl


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