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Welcome to Issue 4 of Year 15 of Woodcarver Online Magazine.

Rick Jensen TreehouseRick Jensen's

Fantasy Tree House

Prize winner at Artistry in Wood 2010

Photography by Jack A. and Carole Williams




















Hello carving friends -

Our front page photo this issue is Rick Jensen's Treehouse carving. You can see more photos of Rick's work plus the rest of the Artistry in Wood winners in this issue.

It's only just the end of summer here in the northern hemisphere, but included in this issue is our annual Call For Photos for the Santa Gallery that will appear in the Nov/Dec issue of WOM. You have about six weeks to submit photos of your favorite recent Santa carving, or to carve that Santa if it's not yet finished. More info elsewhere in this issue.

Don't forget - a month or so back we kicked off a Woodcarver List Facebook group. This provides a place on FB for carvers to post carving photos and to chat about carving; it also serves as a companion to the Woodcarver Listserv. Come on by for a visit!

In this issue:

The 2010 Artistry in Wood Photo Gallery

Profile of Ed Sowulewski First place winner in the 2010 CCA Carving Competition, by Doug Evens

"Ol' Don's" Drawing Table - "Guy In A Barrel "

Pete LeClair's Jake

Santa Gallery Call For Photos

Events, Happenin's and Going's-on updated

A recent upgrade in the servers that support these pages has resulted in more file space and greater reliability, aside from one niggling little problem with the CGI scripts that handle tracking page visits. The Help Desk at pair.com is working on the issue and hope to have it resolved soon.

Along with the server upgrade, a computer and software upgrade here in the headquarters of WOM presents the opportunity for an likely overdue upgrade the design of WOM and the Carvers' Companion pages. If there is anything you'd like to see changed or added to either, I'd love to hear from you. Please email your suggestions, likes or rants to me at womeditorATcomcast.net.

MattAs always - enjoy!

Matt Kelley, Editor


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