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Santa Gallery 2011

T Berry Santa Sign

Santa Carving sign by Tim Berry

The readers of Woodcarver Online Magazine and members of the several woodcarving listserves were again invited to submit their favorite Santa carvings for the 2011 Santa Gallery. The Santa's are as varied as snowflakes, and like their carvers, no two are alike. Enjoy this little bit of the holiday season!

Thanks to all the carvers that have shared their wonderful work with the WOM readers.





Delivering Christmas Apples

Dean Paulsen, La Vista, NE

Basswood, ~ 11” tall, 6.5 “ wide
Acrylic washes and Krylon matte finish

Santa and sled are original designs


Steve Fowler 01


Winter Wonderland

Steve Fowler, Marion, IN

Basswood, 9” tall, 3” thick
Acrylic paint, Watco wax

Design started in CCA seminar with Harley Schmitgen



Alex Bisso 02

Alex Bisso 03




Alex Bisso, Billings, MT

Cottonwood bark, ~ 15” tall, 3” wide, 3” thick
Acrylic paint, several coats of spray lacquer, 50/50 mix of dark/clear Watco satin finishing wax

Original design


Loren Woodard 02



I Got My Tree

Loren Woodard, Sunrise Beach, MO

Basswood, 9” tall
Acrylic paint over boiled linseed oil

Modified from an original pattern by Shawn Cipa


Ken Dispoto 01



Santa Off Season

Ken Dispoto, Hopatcong, NJ

Basswood, 7” tall
Acrylic paint and wax finish

From a roughout by Jim Hiser; with own clothing and painting design


Pat Sherman 01



Hi, It’s Me, Santa

Pat Sherman, Conneaut, OH

Basswood, ~8” tall
Acrylic paint and clear acrylic

From a pattern by Robert Keller, Carving Magazine #36


Jim Brumm 01Jime Brumm 03



Santa (Left)
Jim Brumm, Brighton, MI

Basswood, Acrylic paint

Original design

Santa (Right)
Jim Brumm, Brighton, MI

Basswood, Acrylic paint and poly gloss finish

Inspired by Tom Wolfe Santas


Loren Woodard 03




Loren Woodard, Sunrise Beach, MO

Basswood, ~8” tall
Acrylic paint over boiled linseed oil

From a Floyd Rhadigan blank


Marcia Berkall 01



Santa with Elephant

Marcia Berkall

Basswood, ~9” tall
Acrylic washes

Original design


Merryl Bustin 02

Merryl Bustin 01



Celtic Santa

Merryl Bustin, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, CA

Basswood, ~ 11” tall
Acrylic paint

Original design, “ . . . heavily inspired by watching Lynn Doughty caricature videos.”

Merryl noted, “ The inscription on the pine base means Merry Christmas in Scottish Gaelic, and that's a thistle in his left hand. The tartan of his kilt is not tied to any particular clan, so I call it the Yule Tartan (greens and reds).

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