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The Caricature Carvers of America

1930's Street Scene

Photography by Jack A. Williams

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Clyde’s Garage by David Boone

Painter on the ladder by David Boone
Mechanic working on car by David Boone
Mechanic talking to little boy by David Boone
Little boy by David Boone
Woman in the upstairs window by David Boone
Old car by David Boone Visible gas pump
Paperboy by Mitch Cartledge
Street sweeper by Don Mertz
Fire hydrant by Floyd Rhadigan





Guiseppe’s Boarding House and Restaurant by Pete LeClair

Two guys arguing in the street by Gene Fuller
Four old guys in front of boarding house by Keith Morrill   
Policeman by Keith Morrill
Guy in upstairs window by Keith Morrill
Guy with paper and red vest by Pete LeClair
Guy with cigar in red jacket by Pete LeClair
Running kid by Joe Schumacher
Dog in trash can by Sandy Smith
Small brown dog by Keith Morrill
Fire hydrant by Floyd Rhadigan
Woman with a clothes pin by Gary Falin
Shoe shine boy by Mitch Cartledge





Barber Shop by Steve Prescott

Barber by Steve Prescott
Two whittlers by Steve Prescott
Barber’s chair by Steve Prescott
Barbershop quartet by Ryan Olsen
Fire hydrant by Floyd Rhadigan               
Zippy Hot Dog vendor by Don Mertz
Woman blowing kiss to the old man by Gene Fuller
Old Woman by Gene Fuller





Dunham Dentist Office and You’s Butcher Shop by Joe You and Bob Travis

Painter by Joe You
Dentist by Joe You
Patient by Bob Travis
Butcher by Joe You and Bob Travis
Sign guy by Bob Travis
Boy fishing by Joe You                            
Running dog with steak by Sandy Smith
Clown by Gene Fuller
Paperboy by Jack Williams
Little girl in dress by Joe Schumacher






CCA Bank by Floyd Rhadigan

Man with gun by Floyd Rhadigan
Female teller by Floyd Rhadigan
Man with money bag by Floyd Rhadigan
Cop by Floyd Rhadigan
Man with machine gun by Floyd Rhadigan
Man on phone by Floyd Rhadigan
Dog lifting his leg by Floyd Rhadigan
Fire hydrant by Floyd Rhadigan
Dog holding up his paws by Sandy Smith
"Busted" Guy in barrel by Gene Fuller
Guy holding 2 bottles by Bruce Henn
Organ grinder and monkey by Don Mertz





Bishop’s General Store by Phil & Vicki Bishop

Apple barrel by Phil & Vicki Bishop
Butcher by Phil Bishop
Old man by Phil Bishop
Lady in blue dress by Vicki Bishop           
Woman with rolling pin by Vicki Bishop
Man shaving in window by Phil Bishop
Little boy by Vicki Bishop
Guy with broom by Gene Fuller
Bum on a bench by Harold Enlow
Fireplug by Floyd Rhadigan
Running dog with steak and two dogs with wieners by Sandy Smith
Woman in blue hat inside store by Sandy Smith
Little girl in pink inside store by Sandy Smith
Small boy inside store by Gary Falin






Police Station and Jail by Randy Landen

Repent by Gene Fuller
Sandy’s Harlot by Sandy Smith
Paperboy by Eldon Humphreys
Five Standing Cops with batons by Eldon Humphreys
Paddy wagon with cop and prisoner by Eldon Humphreys
Desk Sergeant by Dennis Thornton
Cop dragging a drunk by Dennis Thornton
Fire hydrant by Sandy Smith
Guy with cigar by Don Mertz
Prisoner by Randy Landen






Pub and Massage Parlor by Chris Hammack

Bidding cowboy by Chris Hammack
Woman in second floor window by Chris Hammack
Preacher on landing by Chris Hammack 
Face in the door window by Chris Hammack 





Fire House by P.J. Driscoll

Two firemen sliding down the pole by P.J. Driscoll
Fireman with rope ladder by P.J. Driscoll (not visible in picture)
Fireman hanging flag by P.J. Driscoll
Fireman with hose by P.J. Driscoll
Fireman with Bucket by Marv Kaisersatt
Fireman with Broom by Sandy Smith
Fire hydrant by Sandy Smith
Dalmatians by Sandy Smith
Hound dog by Sandy Smith
Pigeons by Sandy Smith
Little boy on bench with ice cream cone by Sandy Smith
Fire Truck by Peter Ortel
Fireman with bucket and brush by Peter Ortel
Repent by Harley Refsal





Rialto Theater by Doug Raine

Black Car by Doug Raine
Lady in ticket booth by Doug Raine
Boy on orange crate scooter (green shirt) by Doug Raine
Boy juggling oranges by Doug Raine
Little boy holding onto cane by Doug Raine
Man with cane by Marv Kaisersatt
Man in gray zoot suit by Marv Kaisersatt
Flapper girl by Desi Hajnye
Little boy in overalls by Gene Fuller
Little boy in apple hat by Gene Fuller
Little boy with red, white and blue rascal hat by Gary Falin
Man in yellow zoot suit by Gary Falin
Fire Hydrant by Sandy Smith





Building Under Construction by Dave Stetson

Seven construction figures by Dave Stetson
Boy on box scooter by Bruce Henn
Carpenter (green suitcase and saw) by Joe Schumacher
Fire hydrant by Floyd Rhadigan

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