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The 2012 Competition Winners Gallery

Group D - Animal

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Alice Vaughn Memorial Award - Class 401

1st in Group D - Animal

1st in Class 401 - Realistic - Full Figure, Painted

Ben Manor, Durand, WI

Wilderness Wanderer

21" x 16" x 15"





2nd in Group D - Animal

2nd in Class 401 - Realistic - Full Figure, Painted

Jerry Stockbridge, Glenview, IL

Go Cubs

7" x 8" x 11"





3rd in Group D - Animal

1st in Class 405 - Carousel Animals/ Menagerie - all finishes

Jane Vriesacker, Reedsburg, WI


15" x 8" x 15"





1st in Class 402 - Realistic - Full Figure, natural or stained

Art Mann, Ames, IA


8" x 11" x 7"





1st in Class 404 - Realistic - Other, natural or stained

Bruce Henn, Troy, OH

Black Beauty

6" x 2" x 4"





Bob Austin Memorial Award - Class 407

1st in Class 407 - Combining 2 or more Group D Subjects

David Stehly, Bethlehem, PA

Interrupted Lunch

5" x 26" x 11"

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