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The 2012 Competition Winners Gallery

Group M - Unusual Woods

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Judges Choice - Chau Pham

1st in Group M - Unusual Woods

1st in Class 952 - All other roots, fence posts, etc. - Other

Tom Gow, Greer, SC

Cedar Lodge

19" x 12" x 14"





2nd in Group M - Unusual Woods

1st in Class 943 - Bark - Other

Judy Simmons, Windsor Heights, IA

Tree House of the Outer World

13" x 8" x 6"





3rd in Group M - Unusual Woods

1st in Class 947 - Cypress Knee - Human/s

Rusty Johnson, Tulsa, OK

Earth, Wind, Tabasco & Water

21" x 5" x 5"





1st in Class 944 - Driftwood/ Weather Wood - Human/s

Carol Kent, Jackson, MI

Little Sister

36" x 12" x `4"






1st in Class 945 - Driftwood/ Weather Wood - Animal/s

Mark Levsen, Webster, SD

Coyote Country

5" x 36" x 2"





1st in Class 946 - Driftwood/ Weather Wood - Other

Clarence Thurber, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Who Gets Who

8" x 18" x 6"





1st in Class 948 - Cypress Knee - Animal/s

Joyce Nielsen, Bettendorf, IA

Save Our Coral Reefs

15" x 2" x 7"





1st in Class 949 - Cypress Knee - Other

Carol Leavy, Clinton, IA


19" x 9" x 8"





1st in Class 950 - All other roots, fence posts, etc. - Human/s

Richard Frels, Hillsdale, IL

Medicine Man

14" x 6" x 4"





1st in Class 951 - All other roots, fence posts, etc. - Animal/s

David Stehly, Bethlehem, PA


6" x 19" x 6"






Flexcut Creativity Award Group M - Unusual Woods

Tom Gow, Greer, SC

Headlong Into the Wind

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