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The 2013 Competition Winners Gallery

Group C - Ornamental Carving

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Burkholder 01



1st in Group C 

1st in Class 301: Ornamental Carving

Charles Arnold Award - Class 301 (1st) 

Tribute to Number "43" 

Bruce Burkholder, Madison, OH 



Rauscher 01



2nd in Group C 

1st in Class 305: Chip Carving, all styles/ objects

Hugh B. Babcock Award - Class 305 (1st) 


Warren Rauscher, Raymore, MO 



Burkholder 02



3rd in Group C 

1st in Class 306: Any other decorative element: Toys, Dolls, Cars   

Rocking Horse 

Bruce Burkholder, Madison, OH 






1st in Class 302: Jewelry 

Fall Leaves 

Herman Sporleder, Manitowoc, WI 



Boeckenstedt 01

Boeckenstedt 02

Boeckenstedt 03



1st in Class 303: Canes and Walking Sticks 

Walking Cane/Stick 

Dick A Boeckenstedt, Dyersville, IA 



Burkholder 01

Burkholder 02



1st in Class 304; Floral in the Round 

Walnut Fruit Bowl 

Bruce Burkholder, Madison, OH 



Piper 01

Piper 02



2nd in Class 306: Any other decorative element: Toys, Dolls, Cars       

Daughter Ball Glove 

Bud Pipher, Whitby, ON 



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