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The 2013 Competition Winners Gallery

Group L - Religious/Mythical

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Shostak 01

Shostak 02



1st in Group L 

1st in Class 922: Religious group - 2 or more religious subjects

Julia Wegner Memorial Award - Thaddeus Wegner - Class 922 

The Fate of the Earth is in Gods' hand, not mankinds 

Bruce Shostak, Le Mars, IA 



Boyd 01



2nd in Group L 

1st in Class 921: Religious subjects or object, all finishes

Julia Wegner Memorial Award - Thaddeus Wegner - Class 921  

Moses:  "Righteous Anger" 

Carole Jean Boyd, Millbrook, AL 



Dowdy 01

Dowdy 02


3rd in Group L 

1st in Class 929: Santa or Mrs. Claus - single figure, all finishes

Merle D. Byram Memorial Award - Audrey Byram Keeney - Class 929 

I'm Home 

Ron Dowdy, Sullivan, IL 



Paces 01



1st in Class 926: Mythical w/ dominant human characteristics


Peter Paces, Croydon, United Kingdom



Stockbridge 02



1st in Class 927: Mythical w/ dominant animal characteristics

Even Pillagers Need a Break 

Jerry Stockbridge, Glenview, IL 



Stegall 01



1st in Class 930: Group incl. Santa or Mrs. Claus - all finishes

Fido's Christmas 

Roger Stegall, Mayflower, AR  



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