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Pocket Full of Christmas Miracles
Copyright 2014 Joe Land

Before Santa leaves for his whirlwind world tour,
His sleigh is cram-packed with a toy load secure.
The head elf said “Santa, to pack more there’s no way,”
“there’s no room for puppies to ride on this sleigh.”

But with a big laugh and a twinkle in his eye,
Santa said Mr. Elf, you’ll soon see those dogs fly.
For there’s plenty of room in my warm winter robe,
In my pockets those pups will circle the globe.

And the best part of all Mr. Elf you shall see,
My pockets hold miracles for this Christmas Eve.
Of all the things children write and ask for each year,
The request for a puppy requires more care.

I check my list once to see who’s naughty and nice,
But when a child wants a puppy I check my list twice.
To find the true-hearted child I must,
For I only give puppies to kids I can trust.

This Santa knows all, the truth I never miss,
For the Christmas Eve miracle in my pocket is this:
For each true hearted child who wants a dog of their own . . .
Is a puppy whose gift this Christmas from Santa is a new home.



Pocket Full of Miracles

Joe Land

Basswood, oil paints

17” tall

Original Design

Joe notes: I wrote the poem, "Pocket Full Of Miracles" to tell the story I wanted to represent with this wood carving.  There is a hollow compartment in Santa's pack under the gift bag of dog bones containing an archival copy of my poem printed on parchment.





Berkall 02




Marcia Berkall

Basswood, acrylic washes

~ 6” tall

Original design



Friends 01

Friends 02 Friends 04



Winter Friends

Bob Cisco

Basswood, acrylics, matte spray finish

8" x 6” x4.5”

From a clip-art drawing converted to a pattern




Ray 01



Stick Santa

Ray Linkhart

Basswood, acrylics

~3.5” tall

Inspired by a Dave Stetson article



Ken 01

Ken 02



Skating Santa

Ken Dispoto

Basswood with oak base, acrylics, varnish, dark wax

4” tall

From a design on a Christmas card






Santa Nicholas

Rose Staples

Basswood, acrylics, Boiled Linseed Oil, spray lacquer

~3” x 6”

Original Design



Harvest Time



Harvest Time

Robert Bierman

Basswood. acrylics

10” tall

Original Design






Lighting The Way

Jim Willis

Jelutong, acrylic washes, satin lacquer

4” x 4.5” x 11”





Candy 02

CandyCandy 03

Candy 04



A Visit To The Candy Shop

Bob Cisco

Basswood on Black Walnut base, acrylics, matte spray finish, gloss finish on lolly-pops

10.5 x 8” x 6”

Original design



Berkall 03




Marcia Berkall

Basswood, acrylic washes

~ 6” tall

Original design



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