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January/February 2013 WOM


Wel­come to the Carvers’ Com­pan­ion 2.0  and the first issue of Wood­carv­er Online Mag­a­zine for Year 17.

It’s been an amaz­ing 15 years since Bill Judt pub­lished Vol­ume 1, Issue 1 of what was then called World Wide Wood­carv­er Ezine.  It’s been twelve years since Bill hand­ed off the stew­ard­ship of the ezine to me, and what a ride it has been.

You will have noticed as you nav­i­gat­ed to this page the new look of the Carvers’ Com­pan­ion site in gen­er­al and WOM specif­i­cal­ly.  In a project that has been under­way to some degree for almost a year, we are switch­ing the entire site to a Word­Press foun­da­tion.  What you see today are just the first steps; there is lots of work ahead to link the back cat­a­logue of the last 15 years into the new for­mat, as well as update the Resource Files and oth­er exist­ing elements

What does this mean for you, Gen­tle Read­er?  Well, lots of pos­i­tive things:

  • A more con­tem­po­rary, fresh design, that is device sens­ing, which means it will look great on your iPad or smart phone.
  • A ful­ly search­able site, even­tu­al­ly includ­ing all the back issues of WOM.  (This alone will be worth the work.)
  • A more eas­i­ly main­tained and oper­at­ed web site, which means more time­ly pub­li­ca­tion, updates and addi­tion of new content.
  • WOM con­tribut­ing authors can write their arti­cles direct­ly into the sys­tem, have them reviewed and then pub­lished with­out hav­ing to write any code.
  • A new pub­lish­ing mode for WOM.  Issues will start with one or two arti­cles with­in the first sev­er­al days of each pub­li­ca­tion month, with oth­er arti­cles fol­low­ing as soon as they are ready for publication.
  • Even­tu­al­ly we will open up the WOM arti­cles for com­ments and feedback.
  • Improved con­tent, such as a new sec­tion con­tain­ing links to video tutorials.
  • Events, Hap­pen­in’s and Going’s-on moves to it’s own page, which will be updat­ed on an ongo­ing basis, rather then every two months.

I am excit­ed about what has been accom­plished, and remain undaunt­ed about the work ahead to fin­ish the update.  (Retire­ment is a great stress reduc­er!)  If you have sug­ges­tions for changes or addi­tions to the site, com­ments, ques­tions, or am inter­est­ed in becom­ing a con­tribut­ing author or spon­sor, please let me know via the con­tact form on the About page — just click About in the top menu bar.

In clos­ing, I must make sev­er­al acknowledgements:

  • First, a big thanks to Lori Cor­bett, our res­i­dent web and Word­Press advi­sor and favorite geek carv­er & artist, with­out whose help this update would still be in the dis­tant mists of time.
  • Sec­ond, thanks to fel­low carvers Mike Bloomquist and Doug Evans, who con­tribute arti­cles, advice,  and behind the scenes sup­port.  Thanks also to all the oth­er folks who have also con­tributed arti­cles, pho­tos and advice over the years.
  • Third, anoth­er major thanks to two carvers who have been in every issue of WOM for the last twelve years.  “Ol’ Don” Burgdorf and Pete LeClair are tire­less in their will­ing­ness to share with oth­er carvers, which of course is the core mis­sion of the Carvers’ Com­pan­ion and dri­ves every­thing we do.
  • Final­ly, uncount­ed thanks to my bride of forty plus years, The Love­ly Cather­ine, whose patience with my time at the com­put­er, at the bench and attend­ing to carv­ing-relat­ed mat­ters knows no bounds.

In this issue:

Ol’ Don’s Draw­ing Table: The Phar­ma­cist

Pete LeClair’s Bob

Pho­to Gallery: Win­ners of the CCA 2012 Car­i­ca­ture Carv­ing Competition

CCA Sem­i­nar for 2013

Com­ing up in March/April:

IWC 2012 Report and Gallery

Words from Dan Blair

Part 5 of Find­ing and Col­lect­ing Cot­ton­wood Bark by Alex Bis­so

Ol’ Don’s Draw­ing Table

Pete LeClair’s Project


WOM Editor Matt Kelley

WOM Edi­tor Matt Kelley


Matt Kel­ley



CCA Seminar 2013

CCA Seminar 2013 Announced


Don Mertz and stu­dents at the 2012 Seminar.

The annu­al Car­i­ca­ture Carvers of Amer­i­ca (CCA) Sem­i­nar is held each year in con­junc­tion with the judg­ing of the Car­i­ca­ture Carv­ing Com­pe­ti­tion, round­ing out a busy week in Con­verse, IN.  The instruc­tors for the 2013 Sem­i­nar will include Sandy Smith, Floyd Rhadi­gan, and Gary Falin.  Par­tic­i­pants will carve one day with each of the instruc­tors in rota­tion over the three day sem­i­nar.  The fee of $165 includes the three days of instruc­tion and lunch;  blanks are an addi­tion $10-$15 per instruc­tor.  The 2013 sem­i­nar is sched­uled for Fri­day, August 23 through Sun­day, August 25.  As of this writ­ing, there are still open­ings for the sem­i­nar;  con­tact Bob Travis at rltravis AT for more information.

CCA 2012 Competition


CCA 2012 Caricature Carving Competition Report

The Car­i­ca­ture Carvers of Amer­i­ca (CCA) spon­sored 2012 Car­i­ca­ture Carv­ing Com­pe­ti­tion was held on August 22 and 23 in Con­verse, IN, and once again host­ed by the East­ern Wood­land Carvers Club.  Club mem­bers han­dle receiv­ing and unpack­ing of sub­mis­sions, sit up dis­plays for judg­ing, and repack the carv­ing for ship­ping home after the competition.

The 2012 Com­pe­ti­tion, judged by CCA mem­bers and sem­i­nar instruc­tors Steve Prescott, Don Mertz and P.J. Driscoll, includ­ed 191 entries from the US and Cana­da.  As is typ­i­cal, the com­pe­ti­tion was keep and the judges had no small task in select­ing the winners.

The CCA mem­ber­ship encour­ages any­one to com­pet­ed this year to do so in 2013, and sug­gest that those carvers who have not entered the com­pe­ti­tion give it con­sid­er­a­tion.  Judg­ing is rotat­ed among CCA mem­bers, so you can expect a fresh approach each year.

The Best of Show win­ner was Dale Green’s carv­ing of “Rab­bit Revenge.”  Sec­ond Best of Show was “Slooow Dancin’” by Lennie Williams, and David Borg claimed Third Best of Show for “Gam­bling Giraffe.”  You can see Carl Saathoff’s excel­lent pho­tos of these and oth­er win­ners in the Win­ners’ Gal­leries in this issue of WOM.

The top three win­ners received cash prices of $200, $100, and $50 respec­tive­ly.  First and sec­ond place in each cat­e­go­ry received prizes of $50 and $25.

For infor­ma­tion about the 2013 Com­pe­ti­tion, which will be judged on August 22, 2013, vis­it the CCA web site at

Click HERE to vis­it the Win­ners Gallery.

From Pete LeClair

Pete LeClair

Pete LeClair’s Bob

Pete LeClair’s project this issue fea­tures Bob


Bob Mas­ter


Bob Pat­tern

Pete LeClair is a well-known carv­er and teacher, author of three carv­ing books and a mem­ber of the Car­i­ca­ture Carvers of Amer­i­ca. You may learn more about Pete at his page on the CCA web site. Be sure to tour the rest of the CCA pages when you have a moment. In addi­tion, you may email Pete at pet­ele­clair AT Pho­tos copy­right 2001 — 2013 by Pete LeClair.

This pat­tern may be copied for indi­vid­ual use only; repro­duc­tion for resale is pro­hib­it­ed with­out express writ­ten permission.

From “Ol’ Don’s” Drawing Table

OlDonFrom “Ol’ Don” Draw­ing Table

Ol’ Don” Burgdorf con­tin­ues his reg­u­lar series of pat­terns for WOM with The Phar­ma­cist.

To print the pat­tern, click here; the pat­tern will open in a new win­dow, and should print on 8.5 x 11 paper. For Print­ing Hints, click here.

image description

Ol’ Don” Burgdorf is a carv­er and artist from Hohen­wald, TN. Don’s fea­ture “Doo­dles ‘n Notes for Carvin’ Folks” appears reg­u­lar­ly in Chip Chats, and his pat­terns are now found in each issue of WOM and Carv­ing Mag­a­zine. He has sev­er­al pat­tern port­fo­lios on a vari­ety of sub­jects avail­able for down­load from his web­site. For infor­ma­tion about the port­fo­lios and oth­er cus­tom ser­vices Don pro­vides carvers, click here. Some of Don’s “Chat­ter­ing Chip­pers” pat­terns can also be seen at the Wood­carver’s Porch pat­tern page.

Ol’ Don now has rough­outs avail­able for some of his pat­terns. You are invit­ed to vis­it Ol’ Don’s home page, or email him at ol’­don AT

Copy­right 2011–2013 “Ol’ Don” Burgdorf. This Pat­tern may be copied for indi­vid­ual use; repro­duc­tion for resale is pro­hib­it­ed with­out express writ­ten permission.