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July/August 2013 WOM


Wel­come to the July/August issue of Wood­carv­er Online Magazine

Our Front Page pho­to this issue is:

Uncle Sam

Bob Cisko, Jack­sonville, FL

9″ x 4″ 


Bob Cisko’s Uncle Sam

Hel­lo, Friends in Carving -

Here in North Amer­i­ca, sum­mer carv­ing roundups and instruc­tion­al events seem to be hap­pen­ing every­where.   These events are a great oppor­tu­ni­ty to pick up knife and wood, meet oth­er carvers and take some class­es.   They are also an oppor­tu­ni­ty to intro­duce oth­ers to our won­der­ful art and craft.  If you are going to one of these events, you might invite that friend, neigh­bor, or grand­child who has shown an inter­est in your carving.

Work con­tin­ues on con­vert­ing sec­tions of the old Carvers’ Com­pan­ion web site to our new for­mat.  The Ven­dor Files have been recent­ly updat­ed and revamped;  they con­tin­ue to be your best one-stop source for find­ing ven­dors of tools and mate­r­i­al.  Just hov­er your cur­sor over The Files in the top menu bar and click on Ven­dor Files to visit.

In this issue -

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Bob Cisko’s Uncle Sam

Jack Pro­s­eilo’s Soap Carv­ing Toolkits

Pete LeClair’s Lar­ry

Ol’ Don’s Draw­ing Table:  Pills

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Pro­file:  Sam­pa Lhundup

Dan Blair on Fish Paint­ing

Book Review

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WOM Editor Matt Kelley

WOM Edi­tor Matt Kelley


Matt Kel­ley



Uncle Sam

Bob Cisko sketched out this unique Uncle Sam sev­er­al years ago, then put the sketch aside until recent­ly.  The fin­ished bass­wood carv­ing is 9 inch­es tall by 4 inch­es wide.  The point­ing arm is an add-on, as are the flag and staff.  The flag is alu­minum flash­ing, cut to 1–1/8” by 2–1/4”, light sand­ed and paint­ed pri­or to the waves being added.  The flag was then fas­tened to the dow­el with epoxy.   The pho­to gallery includes views of all four sides, as well as a pat­tern and sketch.

Uncle Sam Front

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BobCiskoPhotoBob (Moose) Cisko has been inter­est­ed in art and car­toon­ing all of his life.  He got his first taste of wood­carv­ing in 1999 while on a fam­i­ly out­ing to Dol­ly­wood, which includ­ed a carv­ing exhib­it and show.  This, as Bob puts it, “lit a fire.”  Fur­ther encour­aged by his wife Peg­gy, Bob start­ed carv­ing and was hooked forever.

A move from Ten­nessee back to Maxville, FL and sev­er­al back surg­eries forced him to set aside carv­ing for a while, but with his wife’s encour­age­ment, Bob once again picked up his knives and has bare­ly put them down since.

Bob is most­ly self-taught, but has been influ­enced by carvers such as Gary Falin, Phil and Vick­ie Bish­op, Chris Ham­mack and oth­er CCA mem­bers.  He has been tru­ly inspired by the work of Lynn Doughty.

Bob’s advice to oth­ers about this won­der­ful hob­by of wood­carv­ing?  “Nev­er give up and don’t wor­ry about mis­takes.  I have learned through many a tri­al-n-error, to find a place where I am com­fort­able.  Remem­ber to keep your knives and gouges sharp, and prac­tice, prac­tice, practice.”

To vis­it Bob’s wood­carv­ing Face­book page, click HERE.


Soap Carving Toolkits

While vis­it­ing a yard sale recent­ly, Jack Pro­s­ei­lo noticed two lit­tle tool box­es — and the light went on!  Why not make carv­ing kits for the two grand­sons that would be vis­it­ing for Renezvous in August?  Jack cut sev­er­al lengths of 5/8” hard­wood dow­el into 5″ lengths and start­ed shap­ing tools.   The list of tools soon expand­ed to sev­en, includ­ing a v‑tool, vein­er, flat chis­el, skew, sev­er­al more gouges and a knife.  He used Deft to fin­ish as well as hard­en the edges.  The lit­tle go-bys were designed using the dimen­sions of a full or half-block of bar soap.   Jack notes that, “If we are to pro­mote our pas­sion why not start young.”


Jack gives cred­it to Janet Bol­yard, who has done much to pro­mote soap carv­ing amongst the younger crowd that attends the Desert Wood Carv­ing Show (spon­sored by the Ari­zona Wood Carvers and the Grand Canyon Wood Carvers).  It is a pop­u­lar attrac­tion at the show; the kits used there include a bar of soap and three wood­en tools designed by Jim Sublet



ProseiloPhotoJack Pro­s­ei­lo is a res­i­dent of West Kelow­na, BC, Cana­da.  After sell­ing their busi­ness 16 years ago, his wife sug­gest­ed he find a hob­by.   Inspired by a styl­ized bird carved by an in-law, Jack joined the Ari­zona Wood Carvers.   He has tak­en classees with with Dave Rush­lo and Dave Stet­son, and been inspired by the work of Tom Ellis of Spokane.


Jack is a mem­ber of the Nation­al Wood Carvers, Ari­zona Wood Carvers, and the Grand Canyon Carvers.  He and his wife Elaine and anoth­er cou­ple are the mov­ing force behind the Okana­gan Carvers Retreat held in West Kalow­na each August.   Jack notes that as a carv­er he has met and been inspired by many great peo­ple, and his only hope is that “ … I have and will inspire oth­ers to pro­mote this great pastime.”

From “Ol’ Don’s” Drawing Table

OlDonFrom “Ol’ Don” Draw­ing Table

 “Ol’ Don” Burgdorf presents Pills

To print the pat­tern, click here; the pat­tern will open in a new win­dow, and should print on 8.5 x 11 paper. For Print­ing Hints, click here.


Ol’ Don” Burgdorf is a carv­er and artist from Hohen­wald, TN. Don’s fea­ture “Doo­dles ‘n Notes for Carvin’ Folks” appears reg­u­lar­ly in Chip Chats, and his pat­terns are now found in each issue of WOM and Carv­ing Mag­a­zine. He has sev­er­al pat­tern port­fo­lios on a vari­ety of sub­jects avail­able for down­load from his web­site. For infor­ma­tion about the port­fo­lios and oth­er cus­tom ser­vices Don pro­vides carvers, click here. Some of Don’s “Chat­ter­ing Chip­pers” pat­terns can also be seen at the Wood­carver’s Porch pat­tern page.

Ol’ Don now has rough­outs avail­able for some of his pat­terns. You are invit­ed to vis­it Ol’ Don’s home page, or email him at ol’­don AT

Copy­right 2011–2013 “Ol’ Don” Burgdorf. This Pat­tern may be copied for indi­vid­ual use; repro­duc­tion for resale is pro­hib­it­ed with­out express writ­ten permission.

From Pete LeClair

Pete LeClair

Pete LeClair’s Projects

Pete LeClair’s project this issue fea­tures Davin




Pete LeClair is a well-known carv­er and teacher, author of three carv­ing books and a mem­ber of the Car­i­ca­ture Carvers of Amer­i­ca. You may learn more about Pete at his page on the CCA web site. Be sure to tour the rest of the CCA pages when you have a moment. In addi­tion, you may email Pete at pet­ele­clair AT Pho­tos copy­right 2001 — 2013 by Pete LeClair.

This pat­tern may be copied for indi­vid­ual use only; repro­duc­tion for resale is pro­hib­it­ed with­out express writ­ten permission.