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March-April 2018 WOM


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1st in Group Human, CCA 2017 Nation­al Car­i­ca­ture Carv­ing Competition

Pirate Pete Prosthetics

Dwayne Gos­nell — Hick­o­ry, NC

Hel­lo, Friends in Carv­ing -

Wel­come to the sec­ond issue of Year 22 for Wood­carv­er Online Mag­a­zine.  It’s hard to believe that win­ter may final­ly be over here in North Amer­i­ca, but we are keep­ing our fin­gers crossed.  Fair weath­er, of course, means out­door chores and recre­ation that may pull you away from carv­ing; hope­ful­ly you will ind inspi­ra­tion with­in these pages to keep you carving.

In the next issue of WOM our pho­to gallery will fea­ture  2017 Artistry in Wood.  

In this issue:

  • CCA 2017 Nation­al Car­i­ca­ture Carv­ing Com­pe­ti­tion Win­ners Pho­to Galleries
  • Find­ing and Col­lect­ing Cot­ton­wood Bark Revisited
  • Pete LeClair: Ollie
  • Ol’ Don’s Draw­ing Table: Love Spoon
  • Update to Events, Hap­pen­ings and Goings-On

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Pho­to by Marc Feath­er­ly at IWC ’14

Matt Kel­ley


CCA 2017 National Caricature Carving Competition

Yarr By Mike Pounders — N. Lit­tle Rock, AR

1st Place, Bust — 2017 CCA Car­i­ca­ture Carv­ing Competition

Each year in August the Car­i­ca­ture Carvers of Amer­i­ca spon­sor the Nation­al Car­i­ca­ture Carv­ing Com­pe­ti­tion,  Judg­ing takes place at the home of the East­ern Wood­land Carvers Club in Con­verse IN. We are pleased to once again present a pho­to gallery of the Com­pe­ti­tion win­ners.  As always, pho­to gal­leries in WOM include large scale pho­tos of the win­ners so that you can get a close-up view of the work.

To view the 2017 win­ners click HERE or click the WOM menu item to go the the Gal­leries page.

The 2018 Nation­al Com­pe­ti­tion will occur in Con­verse in late August, 2018.  Cash prizes are giv­en to the three Best of Show win­ners, as well as first and sec­ond place in each group.   For more infor­ma­tion, vis­it the CCA home page HERE.

Finding and Collecting Cottonwood Bark — Revisited

Back in 2012/13, Alex Bis­so drew upon his many years of find­ing and col­lect­ing cot­ton­wood bark and authored a five part series aimed at those who might want to try find­ing and col­lect­ing cot­ton­wood bark on their own.  With Spring FINALLY arriv­ing here in the US, this seemed a good time to revis­it those arti­cles.  If you want to try your hand at gath­er­ing your own bark, you will find invalu­able infor­ma­tion in these arti­cles.  (Please note that Alex is no longer active­ly col­lect­ing and sell­ing cot­ton­wood bark).

Part I — Obtain­ing Legal Access to Prop­er­ty and Per­mis­sion to Col­lect — click HERE

Part 2 — The Bone Hunt — or What To Look For — click HERE

Part 3 — Tools for Col­lect­ing and Clean­ing Bark — click HERE

Part 4 — Bark Clean­ing and Stor­age — click HERE

Part 5 — Mis­cel­la­neous Haz­ards and Relat­ed Com­ments — click HERE


From Pete LeClair — Ollie


Pete LeClair

Pete LeClair’s Projects

Pete LeClair’s Ollie



Pete LeClair is a well-known carv­er and teacher, author of three carv­ing books and a mem­ber of the Car­i­ca­ture Carvers of Amer­i­ca. You may learn more about Pete at his page on the CCA web site. Be sure to tour the rest of the CCA pages when you have a moment. In addi­tion, you may email Pete at pet­ele­clair AT Pho­tos copy­right 2001 — 2018 by Pete LeClair.

This pat­tern may be copied for indi­vid­ual use only; repro­duc­tion for resale is pro­hib­it­ed with­out express writ­ten permission.

From “Ol’ Don’s” Drawing Table

From “Ol’ Don” Drawing Table

Ol’ Don” Burgdorf presents Love Spoon

To print the pat­tern, click here; the pat­tern will open in a new win­dow, and should print on 8.5 x 11 paper. For Print­ing Hints, click here.

Ol’ Don” Burgdorf is a carv­er and artist from Hohen­wald, TN.  Don’s fea­ture “Doo­dles ‘n Notes for Carvin’ Folks” appears reg­u­lar­ly in Chip Chats, and his pat­terns are now found in each issue of WOM and in past issues of Carv­ing Mag­a­zine.  Some of Don’s “Chat­ter­ing Chip­pers” pat­terns can also be seen at the Wood­carver’s Porch pat­tern page.

Copy­right 2011–2018 “Ol’ Don” Burgdorf. This Pat­tern may be copied for indi­vid­ual use; repro­duc­tion for resale is pro­hib­it­ed with­out express writ­ten permission.