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for the
Woodcarver Online Magazine

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Who should place an AD in Woodcarver Online Magazine?

  • Any business, association, or self-employed Individual having a direct interest in woodcarving.
  • A business/association/individual with an internet account including an email address and a WWW access, and a home page.
  • Businesses which are not online normally will NOT be permitted to advertise.


    WOM serves a very focused group: Internet-active woodcarvers who purchase tools, supplies, and material.

    Advertisers will benefit from being able to directly reach this active group of online woodcarvers, and communicate with them via the internet. The tools of electronic mail,and the WWW will enable advertisers to present their products, catalogues and expertise to the online customer and correspond with them quickly and inexpensively.

    An advertiser will have the opportunity to increase their online presence and extend their reputation by providing customers and prospective customers alike with useful information from their website.


    The current costs for a Gateway ad in the Woodcarver Online Magazine as follows:

    This amount will be paid in US funds.

    The advertizing cycle will run for 60 days, and then expired ads will be deleted. Note that WOM is a bi-monthly publication, appearing in the first two weeks each month during January, March, May, July, September and November.

    Where will the ads be located?

    Gateway ads will be located on the main WOM home page. All readers will have to access this page first in order to find the link to the current issue. This page will also contain links to the more permanent information archived by the E-zine, such as:

  • Help Files
  • WOM archives... links to past issues
  • Ads will be clearly identified with color and boundaries that set them apart from other links, so they will be easy for the readers to find and use.

    In addition, smaller versions of the gateway page ads are placed in an animated gif on the index page of each issue.

    Along with their link, advertisers will be required to include:

  • a 25-30 word summary of what readers will find when they "click" the link... OR...
  • a 25-30 word summary of the business/product being advertised.
  • Payment

    Please send email to the Editor for information regarding payment methods.

    Check out the WOM Gateway page

    See how and where your ad will appear.

    Email your comments and questions to the Editor

    Last update 9/03