Preparing for 1998 and beyond:


Gentle Readers:

The WWWoodc@rver E-zine is approaching the end of its first year of publication with Issue #6. It has been a wonderful experiment which has received solid support and encouragement from the online carving community. Accordingly, it is appropriate that the E-zine remain online as long as this support continues. It is anticipated that this publication will eventually take on a life of its own, and maybe even become something of an online "institution" in its own right.

In order to place the E-zine on a firm foundation for the coming year, and to move it towards the goal of being an established long-term publication, we are reaching out to all list subscribers for participation in this exciting online venture.

Writers will commit to writing for the E-zine on a regular basis for a block of six issues at a time. The E-zine publishes every other month, meaning there are roughly sixty days between issues.

Several subject categories are available, and will be assigned to one particular writer at a time. Writers will commit to a series of six articles in a particular subject area, and will have considerable freedom in their assignments. Previous writing experience is desirable, but it is more important that a person have solid carving experience and a strong desire to share that experience and expertise with others.

There are several advantages for those who commit to writing for the E zine. Authors will:

1. Have an opportunity to develop, hone and expand their writing skills in a safe, supportive environment.

2. Be able to establish a track record as an author.

3. Be given the chance to explore a particular subject area in a creative way.

4. Have the chance to "make a name for themselves" within the carving community. This includes developing credibility both as a writer, a carver and an instructor. Good articles gather a loyal following and result in "name recognition" for the author.

5. Discover that one opportunity leads to another. In other words, do not be surprised if your articles open doors for you in the carving community.

6. Be able to draw on the resources of the WWWoodcarver Mailing List with its many hundreds of interesting and well-informed subscribers.

Of course, there is no financial remuneration available. Like Chip Chats, the WWWoodc@rver E-zine is not in a position to pay its authors. However, it is the intent of this E-zine to make it worth their while in the ways mentioned above. Those who commit to writing for the E-zine will receive the support and encouragement they need to "profit" from the experience.

Article categories include:

  • Chip Carving
  • Bark Carving
  • Relief Carving
  • Sculpture/Caricature Carving
  • Fish Carving (all types)
  • Bird Carving (all types)
  • Whittling (including canes, chains, bottle stoppers, ornaments, etc)
  • Competition/Show Reports
  • Cartoons/Humour
  • Pyrography
  • Poetry
  • Carving Tools and Equipment
  • Book/Video Reviews
  • Internet Carving News (Chats, Websites, Lists, Magazines, Suppliers, Organizations, Events)
  • Chainsaw Carving
  • General Interest (mold-making, painting, marketing, biographies)
  • Some of the above categories will likely be "snapped up" by current contributors. The others will be filled as soon as a suitable contributor steps forward.

    Please give this opportunity serious consideration. It is a genuine opportunity that will likely exceed your expectations, and bring you much satisfaction in the process.

    If you wish to investigate this opportunity, please contact the editor, W.F. (Bill) Judt, at