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The following documents contain information of a more permanent nature, and will be available directly from the main WWWoodc@rver E-zine page at all times.

1. Rec Crafts Carving Newsgroup FAQ

This is a large document with lots of useful and well categorized information about woodcarving. It comes to us from John Johnson at bearqst@polarnet.com and Mike Dunk at mgdunk@bconnex.net. Check it out. And let these fellows know if you have additional information to add to their FAQ.
Be sure to visit Mike Dunks home page at:

2. Dust Collection Article

This is a smaller document speaks to the issue of airborn dust and how to deal with it. It comes to us from Jo Craemer Jo_Craemer@prodigy.net, who posted this information to the Woodcarver Mailing List early on in the life of the list.
I think this article raises some serious concerns about airborn dust and provides helpful solutions. Let Jo know what you think of this article, especially if you have additional ideas/solutions/concerns that could be included in it.

3. Advice for Novice Carvers

This collection of email messages (from the Woodcarver Mailing List) offers a range of advice for novice carvers from more experienced carvers. It comes to us from Richard Absher who kindly collected this advice as it appeared on the list.
If you have other advice of enduring quality to add to what is here, please feel free to contact Richard. Perhaps he will see fit to add it to this collection.

4. Notes From The Net

This is another collection of messages (from the Woodcarver Mailing List) on a variety of subjects. It comes to us from F. Pierce Pratt.
Pierce follows the list closely to glean from it those special gems which should be preserved for future reference.

5. Carving Clubs List

This comprehensive collection of links is made available and regularly updated by:

Colwood Electronics
15 Meridian Road
Eatontown, NJ 07724

Web Site: http://www.woodburning.com/clubs.htm