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Welcome to Issue One of Year Ten of Woodcarver Online Magazine, the first on-line magazine for and by woodcarvers.

In another milestone, one of the participants in the World Wide Woodcarver Exchange (W3E) Secret Pal Session #32 will become the 1,000th participant in that program. Session #32 is the last session in Year Eight of the program.

Once again WOM is proud to present photos from the 2005 Caricature Carvers of America Caricature Carving Competition. Michiagn's own Floyd Rhadigan took Best of Show honors for The Road to Mirth & Happiness. See photos of all the winners in Part II of this issue of WOM.

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Photos by Floyd Rhadigan


In This Issue . . .

. . . we once again have so much good stuff to share that it comes to you in two installments.

Part I

Part II

Matt Kelley, Editor