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Flat Plane Carving The Nativity by Lynn Diel

From Schiffer Books

Many woodcarvers have tried and failed in carving the nativity, only to be thwarted by the myriad details of so many figures. Occasional WOM contributor Lynn Diel brings a new and refreshing simplicity to this complex problem. Lynn uses flat plane carving techniques to create a beautiful nativity that can be carved by experienced and novice alike. Over 250 photos, patterns and step-by-step instructions take you through the creation of the figures and animals needed to complete a wonderful nativity.


Carving Animal Canes & Walking Sticks with Power by Frank C. Russell

From Schiffer Books

Veteran carver Frank Russell shows you how to carve magnificent animal handled canes and walking sticks with power tools. Using color photos and text, Frank walks the reader through all the tools, techniques and steps, from carving the blank and setting the eyes to texturing the fur and painting the finished handle. Fifteen patterns are provided, including a variety of wild and domestic animals.


Ron Ransom's Favorite Santas for Carvers by Ron Ransom

From Schiffer Books

Ron Ransom takes you through all the steps necessary to carve nine of his favorite "Old World" Santas. Patterns are provided for Santa holding a variety of objects, ranging from Christmas trees and angels to fishing poles, a golf club and political emblems. General tips for painting the completed Santas are included, as well as a gallery of finished Santas.


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View Nora Hall's Essential European Woodcarving Video Series On-line

Nora Hall's has three of her carving videos available to view online, with more being added. Get immediate access to Nora's instruction for $5.95 for 30 days of on-line viewing (vs $22.95 to buy each video.) More info on Nora's web site www.norahall.com.

Coming Spring 2006

Antique Style Duck Decoys by Tom Matus (Available 2/15/06)

From Fox Chapel Publishing

Champion decoy carver Tom Matus introduces the special world of the contemporary antique-styled decoy. Perfect for the novice exploring the craft, a veteran seeking a change of pace, or a painter looking for new outlet. Features more than 370 photos along with easy-to-follow instructions outlining the basics of carving and the secrets of aging and preparing the wood, painting and antiquing. A gallery featuring some of the finest antique and contemporary antique decoys is in cluded.


Carving the Head in the Classic European Tradition by Martin Geisler-Maroder (Available 4/15/06)

From Fox Chapel Publishing

Learn to carve a modern bust using the system taught by the renowned Geisler-Moroder Austrian Woodworking School.


Woodcarving Country Folk by Mike Shipley (Available 2/15/05)

From Fox Chapel Publishing

Develop personality in your caricature carving using clean-cut folk-art style carving. Includes step-by-step instructions for creating twelve characters.


Make Your Own Woodworking Tools by Mike Burton (Available 4/15/06)

From Fox Chapel Publishing

Learn to make your own carving and turning tools at home with simple and economic methods. Outlines the techniques of cutting, shaping, polishing and more.

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