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Relief Carving: Revelations II By W.F. Judt

This second-in-a-series book contains 22 chapters and 200 pages of step-by-step projects. In the follow-on to the original Revelatons, Bill Judt takes you on another tour of projects that will help you develop skills and techniques fundamental to relief carving.

Projects range from backgrounds, rock, and flowers, to maps of Canada and the USA. One of the key chapters on technique illustrates the carving of a simple cube, using three different approaches to relief.

This edition contains hundreds of full color, high resolution images that permit you see exactly what is happening in each project. It is like having your eyes 12" from the surface of the wood.

Inside you will find:

· 17 carving projects, including patterns
· Numerous galleries of completed carvings
· A chapter on how to make stamping tools
· A case study on creating a pattern for a portrait of Jesus
· How to straighten a warped relief carving panel
· How to construct a relief carving panel

Like Revelations, this is an eBook, currently available only on CD.



Carving Patterns Collection - Volume I from Wood Carving Illustrated

Wood Carving Illustrated recently released an exclusive collection of carving patterns and projects from the world's greatest carvers. This special issue features basic carving and sharpening instructions along with projects to suit every taste. Whether you enjoy caricature, relief, in-the-round, decorative or chip carving, you're sure to find several projects to keep you in the chips all year long!

Featured carvers include Mike Shipley · Pete LeClair · Harley Refsal · Tina Toney · Pat Sharp · Skylar Johnson · Jack Kochan · Jason Lucio · Gordon Stiller · Desiree Hajny · Shawn Cipa · Don Green · Cindi Joslyn · Dean Troutman · Rick Jensen · Alfie Fishgap · Lora S. Irish · Dennis Moor · Barry McKenzie · Wayne Cruze



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