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Latest Additions to Dura-GRIT Carbide Accessories Line


The most recent additions to the Dura-GRIT Gold Line include two 1.25 inch cutting disks, the CS4 and the CW4.

The CS4 has carbide on the edge and top face, allowing it to be used for both cutting and shaping.


The CW4, on the other hand, has carbide on the edge only. It is a bit less expensive then the CS4 and would be the appropriate choice if you only did cutting operations.

More information is available at the Dura-GRIT site here. To purchase either cutter, check with your favorate tool vendor or Dura-GRIT


Editors Note: When purchasing any of these items, please consider making your purchase from the sponsors of WOM and your local or Internet tool and supply vendors. Those folks are in business to provide us tools, books and supplies not typically available at the local big box store.