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EOWA Eagle Cane Project

The Eastern Oklahoma Woodcarvers Association (EOWA) is a club with a mission: creating presentation canes for young veterans. The eagle-headed canes are made especially for post-9/11 veterans with significant foot, leg or hip injury from combat-related trauma in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The project began when EOWA member Jack Nitz saw a national new story on returning veterans who had suffered limb lost in the Middle-East. Nitz and fellow member Stan Townsend presented the concept to the club at its April 2004 meeting and the rest, as they say, is history.

Since EOWA began with an initial batch of 30 canes, the project has spread to include clubs in other states, including California, Texas, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Tennessee, as well as individuals in other states.

Clubs or individuals interested in more details about the project may contact EOWA members Jack Nitz by phone (918) 299-2251 or e-mail at ujnitz@yahoo.com or Stan Townsend at staninvent@cox.net.

Information is also available at the club Web site HERE


Whether you agree with the reasons for war or not..., supporting the troops is what matters the most. Each day I use or look at the cane I realize that it is not a symbol of limitations but instead a gesture of thanks and a symbol of respect and honor. The cane sits in my living room next to my bedroom door so that anyone who enters my home shall see it. - SPC David Rheuark, EOWA eagle head cane recipient


Eagle Head presentation canes carved by the Cape Fear (NC) Wood Carvers