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The Festival Of The Tree 2006
Westonbirt Arboreteum
Gloucestershire, England


Photos by Lesley Wyatt


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Kingfisher by Paul Clarke (UK)

Girl and Swan by Tom Harvey (UK)

Devotion by Lee Dickenson (UK)

Owl by Lee Dickenson

Mantis by Mick Burns (UK)

Close-up of Mantis by Mick Burns (UK) (note the 'prey')

Fresh Start by Bill Hodgson (UK)

The Gateway by Brett McLain (USA)

Close Quarters by Daniel Cordell (UK)

Half-eaten Apple by Daniel Cordell (UK)

Dark Age Warrior by Paul Sivell (UK)

Capricorn by Anthony Rogers (UK)

A Family of Wild Boars by Ant Beetlestone (UK)

The Tree of Life by Alexander Ivanov (Bulgaria)

Alexander Ivanov sitting in his Tree of Life

Mythical Woman (front) by Ed Harrison (UK)

Mythical Woman (back) by Ed Harrison (UK)

Chainsaw carvings display area

Chainsaw carvings display area

One of the stands at Exhibitree

General view of show area

The Anniversary Tree - To celebrate 50 years of the Westonbirt Arboreteum, people were invited to make their mark on the trunk

Smaller carving by the chainsaw carvers

More of the smaller carvings

Still more of the smaller carvings

Walking Sticks galore!

Beautifully carved sticks