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Welcome to Issue 1 of Year 11 of Woodcarver Online Magazine.

As WOM starts it's second decade you'll notice some changes in design, thanks to the new design software that is being used starting with this issue. While the new software has a lot of bells and whistles, it also has a fairly steep learning curve, and requires a lot of reading and practice to get right.

In that regard, I suppose, it's a lot like woodcarving. For almost all of us, getting to be a "pretty decent" carver requires considerable research and learning, along with lot and lots of practice and more then a bit of patience. But like anything else of value, the investment eventually becomes the reward.

I am pleased to welcome David Bennett and Flexcut to the WOM family of sponsors. Flexcut pioneered the concept of flexible shaft carving tools, and continues to innovate with new tool designs. Please be sure to visit the Flexcut web site.



There is plenty of good stuff in this issue of WOM. Along with our regular features, you'll find photo reviews of two of the major carving competitions that occur each year. These two photo reviews, along with the related "On The Road" features, include more photos then any other issue of WOM. The photo reviews take considerable time to edit but the results are well worth the time required.

Entries are starting to arrive for the WOM Carpenter Pencil Carving Contest, but to encourage even more participation, the due date has been extended until March 1, 2007. See the Contest article for more details.


Matt Kelley, Editor

Coming in the March/April Issue

  • Photo Essay: 2006 CCA Caricature Carving Competition
  • On The Road: Photo Tours of the CCA Competition and Seminars
  • Notes From The Net
  • Ol' Don's Drawing Table
  • Winners of the Pencil Carving Contest
  • Reviews and More!


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