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If you are one of those unfortunate folks who spent this past winter shoveling their way to and from their vehicles every morning before going to work, or returned to that same shoveling after spending a hard day on the job, there is hope in sight.  If you could use some serious Carvers R & R, consider this as an option. 

Reno, Nevada, one of this continent's favorite play lands, can easily be in the 50's and 60's in the next month or so, and that means NO least none that you will be required to shovel.  Better yet, that four letter word, "W-O-R-K" will be the farthest thing from your mind, given the countless distractions the city of lights has long been known for. 

Some of the best (and best known) entertainment in the world can be seen on stages around town, and club marquis will read like the who's who listing of internationally known celebrities.  Add to the nightlife, an adrenalin rush of every conceivable form of legal gambling found on the planet where even just watching the games and gamblers can be a huge thrill.  It's an even bigger one to join the winners you'll see all around you by doing a bit of winning on your own. 

And did I mention the food?  Leave the diet at home.  You are going to be tempted to treat yourself to foods in an abundance of variety, quantity, and quality unlike anything you are normally used to finding in your little down home cafes.

For most of us, that would be enough in the way of attraction to lure us away from snow and winter cold.  But there is more....a LOT more!  In fact, the biggest attraction for most of us will be far beyond that of the casino atmosphere, great food, and a "night life" that seems to go on and on 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

For the first time ever, the biggest show of its kind on the planet is going to show up in downtown Reno, at the Reno Events Center and the Silver Legacy Casino.  If it is even remotely close to your home-front and there is any possibility (even a slim one) that you can make it, I suggest you mark your calendar for April 17th through the 21st of this year.  I honestly believe you will be truly glad you did. 


Every two years two of the biggest shows in the world come together under one roof and attract spectators and competitors alike from about 24 or more countries around the globe.  In fact, the last show in Springfield, Illinois also attracted an eleven person crew from the world renowned British Broadcasting Company (BBC) who filmed the entire event for televised broadcast in Europe and throughout the rest of the world.  (Perhaps you've already seen their work on that event.  If so, you already know which two shows I'm talking about.)

Once an annual event, the show of shows has grown so large that it now can only happen once every two years and it gets bigger and better with every passing show.  This promises to be the biggest and best ever, with early registrations and entries already exceeding past records.  We're talking about the 2007 World Fish Carving Championships which are held in conjunction with the World Taxidermy Championships, and both are truly world class events with participants in competition who are the absolute masters of their arts.  If you have any interest what ever in seeing the World's best wildlife artists creating the most beautiful art of its kind you will have ever seen, than you owe it to yourself to take part in the World Championships.  (It's kind of like the Worlds Fair and the Olympics all rolled into one.)

Along with the showrooms filled with somewhere close to, if not exceeding, a thousand entries combined, you will also find a trade show housing all the newest and best innovations to the trades along with experts ready and willing to demonstrate them to you.  Add to that no less than 30+ how-to seminars by leading authorities in their fields.  The Friday night awards banquet is an experience unlike any you are likely to experience anywhere else as well, with close to $30,000 in prizes awarded to those skilled enough to have earned Champion titles as Best In The World.  (And there's more GREAT food there too.)

If you are interested in checking out the World Championships, you can go on line to where you can click on either the taxidermy side or the fish carving side of the home page to give you all the pertinent details including rules & regulations, etc.

To order a full color 24 page program listing all events and contact information, call "Anne" toll free at 1-800-783-7266.  She can also answer most other questions you may have concerning the big show.

Step out onto your front porch and take a look around you.  If the last of the winter show is still around and the grass still dirty brown, you may just want to head for the phone and make some reservations for Reno, Nevada and the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS.  This is one time when you have truly earned some rest and recuperation amid the sunshine and bright lights where the past winter can be forgotten.  (And did I mention GREAT food?)

See y' there?  (I hope!)

Dan Blair is considered by many to be one of the true pioneers of fish carving. With over 40 years as a professional carver/artist, he has been honored with awards numbering in the hundreds and has taken no less than 19 Best Of Show wins for wildlife and western art.

He is a former associate editor of Breakthrough Magazine and assisted in co-producing three Breakthrough Books. He was the show manager and a judge for the 1987 World Fish Carving and World Taxidermy Championships, and was a seminar instructor for the 2005 World Fish Carving Championships.  A reptile group "wood carving" Dan entered in the World Taxidermy Championships took second place.

Dan is currently an owner/moderator for the largest fishcarving group on the Internet, Fishcarving2 (Click HERE for more information.) He continues to judge shows and teach woodcarving classes across the continent.

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