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Its Birthday Time . . .  

March 24th marked the third birthday for the Yahoo Group Fishcarving2. FC2 has been growing quickly since it first took breath and is now just a few names shy of 400 members. In fact, it has more than doubled in size in just the last two years. As one of the most active of the Yahoo Groups, FC2 has posted no less than 15,500+ messages among its family atmosphere in the last three years, and it is clearly recognized as the largest group of its kind on the Internet and in the world with members from at least 8 different countries.

With a focus on realistic fish carving and painting, there is no bigger or better place for carvers of all skill levels to access a broader range of information and references from some of the best known carvers of their kind to be found anywhere.  As a testimony to the skills found among the membership, 57 awards were presented at the 2005 World Fish Carving Championships and at least 40 of those honors went home with just 20+ members of Fishcarving2.  An "Invitational Challenge" created by FC2 is now a permanent part of the World competition, and mailed in entries to the Fish Carving Championships are received at the event for opening and placement under the direct supervision of the FC2 management team.

When you join the ranks of Fishcarving2 members, you share the group with National and World Champions, supply company owners and publishing companies, published authors and columnists, full time professional carvers, show judges, art instructors, and more.  Carvers from all skill levels are invited to take part in the open exchange of written and photo how-to references and down-home, family style camaraderie.  If you share an interest in fish, fishing, and fish carving/painting, you will definitely want to check out Fishcarving2 by going online to our home page found HERE.

If you like what you see, come on in and make yourself at home.  You'll be glad you did and so will we.  And if you get there soon enough, we might even be able to save you a piece of birthday cake.

Dan Blair - FC2 owner/moderator

Dan Blair is considered by many to be one of the true pioneers of fish carving. With over 40 years as a professional carver/artist, he has been honored with awards numbering in the hundreds and has taken no less than 19 Best Of Show wins for wildlife and western art.

He is a former associate editor of Breakthrough Magazine and assisted in co-producing three Breakthrough Books. He was the show manager and a judge for the 1987 World Fish Carving and World Taxidermy Championships, and was a seminar instructor for the 2005 World Fish Carving Championships.  A reptile group "wood carving" Dan entered in the World Taxidermy Championships took second place.

Dan is currently an owner/moderator for the largest fishcarving group on the Internet, Fishcarving2 (Click HERE for more information.) He continues to judge shows and teach woodcarving classes across the continent.



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