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WOM Carpenter Pencil Carving Contest

By WOM Editor Matt Kelley

Well the votes are in and have been counted. The judges put in a lot of work in determining the winners (but not as much work as the winning carvers did, I'm sure.) We learned a lot about the difficulties of running a mail-in contest, but those will be valuable lessons for the next WOM carving contest.

Thirty entries were received for the WOM Carpenter Pencil Carving Contest, and the other judges and I were quite impressed with the variety and quality of the entries. Given the constraints of carving only from a carpenter pencil, a number of the participants were quite inventive in their concepts and execution. Due to the interesting mix of carvings, we ended up adding several categories and combining others.

The first, second and third "Best of Show" winners will receive carving supply gift certificates, as well as a specially designed carving contest shirt. The remaining first place winners of the other categories will choose from a pool of prizes that include gift subscriptions to Carving Magazine, a number of recent Fox Chapel publications and carving contest giftware.

Speaking of the Best of Show winners - the competition there was pretty fierce - only four points separated "Best of Show" from "Third BOS."

I'd like to thank all the participants, as well as Vic Hamburger and Mike Bloomquist, two great carvers and even better people, who both agreed to judge when I caught them in a weak moment. Thanks also to "Woodbutcher" Jan Oegema, who donated a load of carpenter pencils, the sale of which provided the bulk of the prize funding for this contest.

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