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by Kathleen Menéndez

Pyrography News From Around the World

Newsletter No. 42, Page One of One


Counting Down to the Woodburning Celebration in Pennsylvania
Anatoly Kalika: A Newly Discovered Talent

Counting Down to the Woodburning Celebration
August 3, 4, and 5 in Pennsylvania

Only days away, the Woodburning Celebration in Pennsylvania at the Sawmill Center for the Arts in Cook Forest State Park, is the first of its kind in the United States. Everyone will be arriving Thursday, August 2nd, to set up for the show—and COMPETITION WITH CASH PRIZES!—opening Friday, August 3rd and ending on Sunday the 5th.

Albrecht Dürer
by Angelce Miskov, 2007

Pyrography on matchsticks on wood panel

After a self-portrait by Albrecht Dürer

Image courtesy of the artist

Angelce Miskov Flying in From Macedonia

Macedonian artist Angelce Miskov, famous for his elaborate pyrographic works recreating the paintings and engravings of the Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528) on matchstick panels (Pyrograffiti 36), has just arrived in the United States and will soon be on his way to Pennsylvania along with a lot of other pyro artists from other places near (like host Cheryl Dow and artist Orchid Davis) and likewise far—like the very popular Sue Walters who will be arriving from Australia via Canada.

A Lecture on Pyrography

Angelce (pronounced AHN-ghel-chay) recently gave a lecture on pyrography in his own country of Macedonia comparing the different techniques of American and Macedonian pyrography. We are looking forward to a demonstration of his amazing technique in Pennsylvania.

After the Woodburning Celebration in Pennsylvania, Angelce is planning to visit some other shows in the United States, and will be honored with a special solo show and reception at the Embassy of Macedonia in Washington, D.C.

The Old Mill
by Don Worden

Pyrography on wood panel

Image courtesy of the artist

Don Worden Demonstrating at the Woodburning Celebration

With over thirty years of experience, Don Worden, of Woodburnings by Don, whose trademark mill is shown above, is another well known pyrographic artist you can meet and see demonstrating at the upcoming show in Pennsylvania. Don't miss this chance to meet him in person and see his warm renderings of favorite pets and wildlife, historical places and scenic vignettes.

Meet Three Famous Pyrography Authors and Teachers

Woodburning with Cheryl Dow V
Pyrography book by Cheryl D. Dow

Image courtesy of www.cherylddow.com

Cheryl Dow

From Michigan, Cheryl Dow, who is hosting this competition and show, has already got various publications to her credit and now has a DVD set out, as well. She is an award winning artist and well known teacher in many parts of the United States and has been teaching each year at the Sawmill Center for the Arts where the show is taking place. This year she has two classes scheduled right before the show starts. She will have Optima tools, favorite woods, books, and other supplies for sale, and plans regular demonstrations with individualized "hands-on help" for the asking. She is also planning pyro quilting bees for group participation.

Pyrography Workbook

Wildlife Designs

Pyrography books by Sue Walters

Image courtesy of www.suewalters.com

Sue Walters

From Australia, Sue Walters, has recently published a second book (shown above). She is known worldwide for her superb pyrography techniques for rendering wildlife. Over the years, Sue has been exploring the pyrographic art form in a variety of techniques and on a variety of materials, including leather, paper, and tagua nuts.

Sue will be selling her books and other supplies at the show, as well. She plans to offer some tips and tricks; and trouble shooting along with basic burning techniques. Things she plans to demonstrate include erasing burning, computer use, and pattern transfer, plus burning on various materials in addition to wood, including leather, tagua, paper, and gourds. She will also cover burning on dark wood (with some use of colour); negative burning and Dremel work; torch work; fur burning; texturing; and carving with a skew.

Here is an excellent opportunity to see some exceptional techniques and meet in person this famous artist, who has come such a long way to be with us in Pennsylvania.

Woodburning Western Wildlife
Pyrography book written and illustrated by O. W. Davis

Image courtesy of the artist and author

Orchid Davis

Another remarkable artist, teacher, and author is Orchid Davis who likewise has two very popular books out (the first was reviewed in Pyrograffiti back in 2001) and now has a third book in the works. She will be offering and showing wood, gourds, and leather, and will have books and supplies at her table at the show, as well, including her Colwood tool and the Treasure Crystal Cote wood finish. Orchid—famous for doing soulful "eyes"—also has her own technique for creating soft furry critters and adding color washes to enhance the already rich nuances of color she creates through burning her designs.

The Sawmill Center for the Arts
PO Box 180, Cooksburg, PA 16217
814-927-6655 sawmill@pennswoods.net


We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Danette ("Dannie") Smith of Ohio, who has prepared a Woodburning Celebration information page for all who would like to come and join in the fun. Check it out and come to Pennsylvania! Be sure and see her UPDATE section for all the extras like lodging and restaurants.

Don't forget to stop by the IAPA table and say hello! SEE YOU THERE!

Anatoly Kalika: A Newly Discovered Talent

Raccoon Buds
by Anatoly Kalika, 2006

Pyrography on Basswood plank

Image courtesy of Lori Kalika

Introducing a New Wildlife Artist

From the wildlife in the Sierra Nevadas where he and his wife Lori have made their home, artist Anatoly Kalika finds most of his inspiration. He took up pyrography only a few years ago, and besides wildlife, has explored some other interesting themes, as well, such as music. Look for an interview with Anatoly in a future issue of Pyrograffiti.

The Author

Kathleen M. Garvey Menéndez learned her pyrography techniques in Guatemala in 1975-1977 under Carmela Flores. Her sister, Artist Sharon H. Garvey, later joined her there to collaborate on a pyrography project designed to promote this art form in the United States by means of a didactic book and a pyrography tool made by Navarro of Mexico.

Thanks to the internet, this is the eleventh year of articles on pyrography for the Woodcarver Online Magazine (WOM), started January 1997, and the tenth year of the E-Museum of Pyrographic Art, which opened its virtual doors January 1998. In March of that year, the International Association of Pyrographic Artists (IAPA) was formed and members began meeting on line. Linked from the E-Museum's Café Flambé, which hosts the IAPA meetings, is the Yahoo Groups uniting_pyrographers mailing list, member list, and chat forum set up for IAPA members by IAPA Cofounder Ken "Mixo" Sydenham of Warragul, Victoria, Australia.

2007, Kathleen M. Garvey Menéndez, all rights reserved.