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Santa Gallery 2007

Santa Carving sign by Tim Berry

The subscribers to the several woodcarving listserves were again invited to submit their favorite Santa carving for the 2007 Santa Gallery. The Santa's are as varied as snowflakes, and like their carvers, no two are alike. Enjoy this little early bit of the holiday season!

As in part years, several carvings have been selected as the subjects of the Santa Gallery Toys for Tots fund raiser. The illustrations of these two carvings, by Bill Russell and Jim Willis, are available on greeting and note cards, as well as a small poster. All of the shopkeeper proceeds from the sale of these items will be donated to help kids in need have a better Christmas holiday - for more information see the Santa Cards Fundraiser article in this issue.

SantaSanta with Jingle Bells
Bill Russell

Cottonwood bark
~16” x 3”
Original design

Bill's Kreative Kindling

Toys for Tots selection


Santa2Peace Santa
Jim Willis

Catalpa with acrylics and clear sealer
12” X 4” x 5”
Original design

Wildlife Woodcarver

Toys for Tots selection


Detail image HERE


Denis Johansen

Butternut with acrylic paint, wax and satin spray finish
14” X 5”
Dennis writes:  “The design was inspired by a picture I saw on on a shopping bag.”


Santa4Santa With Winter Scene
Michael Harwell

Basswood with acrylic paint and spray finish
12" x 4" X 4"
Original design


Clarence Moe

Basswood with acrylic paints
~ 9” tall
Inspired by Alma Lynne Designs needle-point calendar, ‘89



Teri Embrey

Basswood with acrylic paints and stains
8.5" x 6" x 4"
Original design

Reflections of the Soul



Santa7Golf Ball Santas
Bill Russell

9” to 10” tall

Original design


Glenn Fout

Basswood and acrylic paints
~8” x 8”

From a pattern by Les Ramsay in Carving Magazine


Santa9Santa With A Lion, Lamb and Dove
Marcia Berkall

Cypress knee with acrylic paints and matte spray finish
Original design

Whittlins 'n Wood



Santa10Winters Night
Teri Embry

Basswood with acrylic paints and stains
8” x 3” x 4”
Original design


Santa Gallery Part II - Click HERE


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