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Welcome to Issue 6 of Year 11 of Woodcarver Online Magazine.

Part I of this issue includes a report from occasional contributor Jim O'Harra on a three day carving class with Phil and Vicki Bishop. Also included in Part I are regulars "Ol' Don" Burgdorf, Pete LeClair, and Events, Happenin's and Going's-on.

In Part II of this issue, you'll find a photo tour of Artistry In Wood 2007, and a book review. Also look for an announcement regarding changes in the World Wide Woodcarver Exchange (W3E) programs.

If you are selecting gifts for the carver in your life (or suggesting gifts for yourself), please keep in mind the WOM family of sponsors and the Carvers Companion shop at Cafepress. You just won't find a better group of folks from whom to purchase your tools, supplies and books.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the WOM family!

Matt Kelley, Editor

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