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Welcome to Issue 1 of Year 12 of Woodcarver Online Magazine.

When Bill Judt edited the first issue of World Wide Woodcarver Ezine way back in November of 1996, I'm sure his vision of the future for that publication didn't stretch out eleven years into the future. When I took over the publication three years later, I wasn't looking beyond the next issue! Now here we are about to start Year 12.

That Woodcarver Online Magazine continues into Year 12 is the result of support from a lot of people; the merchants and suppliers who sponsor WOM, the many writers who have contributed over the years, and you the readers, whose messages of thanks and encouragement help make it worth all the work.

Part I of this issue includes a report from the CCA 2007 Caricature Carving Competition, including a photo essay featuing many of the winners. Also included in Part I are regulars "Ol' Don" Burgdorf, Pete LeClair, and Events, Happenin's and Going's-on.

In Part II of this issue, Notes From The Net appears yet again, and we have a number of reviews, including Rick Jensen's new bark carving DVD and the latest CCA project book.

Coming up in the March/April issue: Leslie Wyatt reports on The Festival of the Tree 2007, photo gallery from the 2007 International Woodcarvers Congress, more reviews, and all our regular features.

Matt Kelley, Editor

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