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International Woodcarver Congress '08

Photos by "Ol' Don" and Sandie Burgdorf

The International Woodcarvers Congress is one of the top woodcarving competitions, a place where you can always see some of the finest work by top North American and international carvers. Those attending the 2008 competition witnessed a most unusual event - the three top Best of Show honors, along with the CCA Merit Award, all went to the same carver - Fred Zavadil of Kitchener, Ontario.

"Ol' Don" and Sandie Burgdorf have provided a number of informal photos - you'll see more of those and the formal winner photographs in WOM's regular coverage of IWC '08 a few issues down the road. For now, though, a preview follows.

Click the preview for a larger image. If your cursor becomes a magnifying glass, click the image for an even larger view. Close the image to return.



Best of Show

Ready to Fly

Fred Zavadil - Kitchener, Ontario



Best of Show, First Runner Up

Caricature Carvers of America Merit Award

The Cellist

Fred Zavadil - Kitchener, Ontario



Best of Show, Second Runner Up

The Archer

Fred Zavadil - Kitchener, Ontario


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