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Carving Easy Santas

By Mike Bloomquist

Reviewed by Doug Evans


coverHi all !! Let’s cut through all the fat right now – this is an outstanding video and Santa was fun to carve. I love to carve darn near anything but this Santa was FUN !!! Now mind you I’m a Santa nut and really like flat plane carving but….Mike did a fine job. I carved Santa awhile back but due to being extremely busy at the four letter word (work) it took awhile before I could paint it and use Mike’s techniques. So …. I apologize right here and now to Mike for the delay in this review.

The best big picture overview I can give you about this DVD would be by listing Mike’s chapter titles. They are :

Knock off the Corners
Shaping the Arms
Forming the Robe
Shaping the Beard
Detailing & Texture
Painting the Santa


If you are looking for help in any of these areas—buy this DVD and study with Mike !!

Now for a few comments. The first thing I noticed about Santa was there is some heft to him. It is a good size project. So many flat plane carvings are kinda' fragile –this one is not !

When you start the DVD you hear this really neat Christmas music played on a hammer dulcimer and nicely done. I wish this was on a holiday CD !!! I also noticed in the credits that the musician playing is no other than the famous Sandy Holder, chairperson of the Evart, Michigan Roundup each year. Nice, nice job Sandy !!

Mike starts his teaching by showing a beginner how to select a knife and with an overview of other tools many carvers use. He presents this well. Mike also stresses that this is an easy carving project. This is a Santa with hands and feet hidden beneath the robe. No feet and no hands to carve! Many beginners who struggle with these areas early in their carving career will appreciate this feature. The project can also be completed (if you wish) with just a knife. Therefore, if you are traveling, sitting at the doctor’s office or out in the woods, Santa can easily travel with you.

In the painting section , you are shown how to paint with oils. I haven’t used oils very often so I was anxious to see Mike’s style. He does a great job explaining his technique. This is very detailed presentation and a great step-by-step guide to refer back to the next time you chose to paint with oils. I liked the style we are shown and I’m sure I’ll have to try it again !!

Now, if I have to pick on a few things it would be tough but I came up with just a couple points. Mike walks you through each step real well. What I would wish was that after each step a close up of Santa was show to ensure what you heard and carved was indeed the same as Mike. I also had trouble following how to add the trim on the robe. It was explained but a close up demo would have been helpful.

Mike’s delivery is so natural that he is easily one of the best carving instructors out there. Don’t miss an opportunity to learn from his outstanding teaching style !!!

DougDoug's version of the DVD Santa.

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