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Welcome to Issue 6 of Year 12 of Woodcarver Online Magazine.

Hello carving friends -

This issue marks the end of the twelfth year of publication of Woodcarver Online Magazine. In the world of on-line publishing, twelve years is a lifetime. WOM has changed considerably since that first year, and the changes in WOM and the rest of the Carvers' Companion continue. See the rest of this issue for important announcements in that regard.

In Part I:

Santa Gallery 2008

Woodcarver List Joins The Carvers' Companion; other changes in the works

World Wide Woodcarver Exchange Coordinators Named

Pete LeClair's 2008 Santa

"Ol' Don's" Drawing Table

Doug Evans reviews Carving Simple Santas

Dr Steven Brandt reviews Fine Art of Carving Lovespoons

CafePress Shop Update - new styles and colors, and other new merchandise

In Part II

Notes From The Net


Review: Kid Crafts - Woodcarving

An update to Events, Happenin's and Going's-on


Matt Kelley, Editor

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