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by Kathleen Menéndez

Pyrography News From Around the World

Newsletter No. 44, Page Two of Two


Debra Meister and The Cornish Litany
Don Worden At Folk Art Fairs
Rose Sié: Her Son Remembers

Sophia Albu Ionita: Posthumous Exhibition
Marshall Stokes: Two New Exhibitions
PLUNA: Water Exhibition
Etsuko Ichikawa: Two Miami Exhibitions
Dino Muradian: Working in Still Life

Sophia Albu Ionita: Posthumous Exhibition

The Last Hour, No. 2
by Sophia Albu Ionita, 1997

Pyrogravure Colorée on wood panel
Featuring poetry by Eric Boudet

Postcard Invitation to the November–December 2008 Exhibition
at the Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery, New York

Image courtesy of M. Ionita

Now Showing in New York City

Once again, the late Sophia Albu Ionita is being remembered, in a posthumous exhibition of her richly symbolic work in pyrogravure colorée at the Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery in New York City. This significant display on 40 feet of wall space is ending soon, so if you have the possibility of attending, you should not miss this opportunity to see some extraordinary work in this artist's very personal style.

Sneak Preview of the 2008 New York Exhibition
Of works by the late Sophia Albu Ionita

Pyrogravure Colorée on wood panels

Image courtesy of M. Ionita

Retrospective Exhibition

Sophia Albu Ionita was introduced in the very first year (1997) of this magazine, and at this same time of the year. That article was entitled Pyrogravure Colorée by Sophia Albu Ionita, and a later article written in her memory entitled Sophia Albu Ionita—In Memoriam was published in January of 2005 shortly after her passing.

Invitation Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery

Image courtesy of M. Ionita

More of Sophia Albu Ionita's works are on display in the E-Museum of Pyrographic Art, in the Portraits and Paintings Hall.

Marshall Stokes: Two New Exhibitions

The Lucky 7 Exhibition, preview
Group show with pyrographic works by Marshall Stokes

Image courtesy of the Create:Fixate Art Gallery

Skull C, Lucky 7 Exhibition
by Marshall Stokes, nom d'artiste: CHO

Pyrography on wood panel

Image courtesy of the Create:Fixate Art Gallery

The Lucky 7 Exhibition: Celebrating 7 Years of Art & Music

Featured previously in Pyrograffiti, Marshall Stokes is still on a roll, exhibiting frequently and continually changing his theme and focus. For his Lucky 7 exhibit in Los Angeles, he showed five skulls. Notice what a happy skull that Skull C is (above)—he is obviously ready for the gala event that The Lucky 7 Exhibition at the Create:Fixate Gallery in Los Angeles, California, put on to celebrate their seventh anniversary, and the result was the art of 40 artists and music to put the icing on the cake.

Read the write-up for this lively one-night-only event at the Lucky 7 Press Release link here, and "LIBERATE YOUR PERCEPTION" (the Create:Fixate Gallery's motto). Here is what they wrote about our Marshall Stokes:

CHO aka Marshall Stokes

Marshall Stokes (CHO) was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, a small factory town, in 1976. Like most artists, he started drawing young. After going to school in Boston for Architecture, he moved west, spending time in Lake Tahoe and Arcata, CA before settling in Portland, OR, where he currently resides. Stokes has been burning images into wood since 1998 and has explored themes including Japanese tattoo design and mythology, death, life, and the physical environment. While in Arcata, he became friends with the Empire Squared collective, and is still a satellite member. When not making art, Stokes designs houses, and is presently going to school for structural engineering at Portland State University.

—The Create:Fixate Gallery

A Second Show Coming Up in February 2009

CHO is always busy thinking of new things to work on, and with the closing of his exciting Los Angeles exhibit, he is already looking forward to a new group show of four artists at the Columbia Art Gallery in Hood River, Oregon, in February. The new one will display works in diptychs and triptychs that he has been doing of animal skeletons.

See the various manifestations of Marshall Stokes' vibrant works from earlier years in the Portraits and Paintings Hall of the E-Museum of Pyrographic Art.

PLUNA: Water Exhibition

Open Faucets (Grifos abiertos)
by Juan José López, nom d'artiste: PLUNA

Pyrography and acrylic color and colored pencil on wood panel

Image courtesy of the artist

Group Exhibition near Madrid, Spain

You will be reading more about Juan José López, nom d'artiste: PLUNA, in an upcoming article, but for now, here is something about his new exhibition that runs from December through January 2009 in La Cabrera (near Madrid) in Spain. The theme of this new exhibition and group show of the artists of the Sierra Norte is Water. Each of the 38 participating artists is showing only one work. PLUNA's, shown here, is the only work in the show that is done in pyrography.

PLUNA has a very thoughtful essay on the subject of water on his blog. It begins like this:

"We are continually seeing, reading, and listening to news and comments...on wasting water, on its privatization, contamination, and rationing; ah well, it is not difficult to find information, documents, etc., about this matter.

It seems clear that water is not only that precious gift that falls freely from the sky for the benefit of good and bad people alike."
For those of my readers who know Spanish, you can enjoy reading the rest of it at PLUNA's Blog for the 26th of November 2008. Look for the date or the same image shown here to see where it starts.

Coming soon: Look for more about PLUNA in an upcoming article in Pyrograffiti and an exhibit in the E-Museum of Pyrographic Art.

Etsuko Ichikawa: Two New Shows in Miami

Since last issue, when we looked at Etsuko Ichikawa's Glass Pyrography at the Traces of the Molten State show at the Bellevue Art Museum in Seattle, Washington (that show, by the way, will be there until March 8, 2009), Etsuko has two new shows now in December, in case you're in the southeastern part of the country instead of the northwestern part at this time.
Here are the two shows:

Aqua Art Miami with SOIL Gallery
Room 118 at Aqua Hotel, located at 1530 Collins Avenue in Miami Beach
Wednesday Dec 3 - Sunday Dec 7

Art Miami with Randall Scott Gallery
Booth B-17 at Art Miami, located at Midtown Blvd (NE 1st Avenue) between NE 32nd & NE 31st Street in Miami Midtown Arts District
Wednesday Dec 3 - Sunday Dec 7

Read this great press release entitled Artist Etsuko Ichikawa: Inviting contemplation with "pyrographs" from the Seattle Times and see a work from Etsuko's "Deai Series" and another picture of a work in progress: "Etsuko Ichikawa paints with the fire and smoke of hot glass."

Look for more information on Etsuko Ichikawa at AquaArt Miami at the link here. In order to see Etsuko and her work, you have to place your cursor over her name in the list alongside of the image.

Visit Etsuko Ichikawa's web site at www.etsukoichikawa.com and see her listing in the Special Hall of the E-Museum, too.

Dino Muradian: Working in Still Life

Play Me
Still Life by Dino Muradian, 2008

Pyrography on Sycamore Maple panel, 12.5 in. by 10 in.
(the same wood used for making violins)

Image courtesy of the artist


World famous and ever popular pyrographic artist Dino Muradian of Romania needs no introduction. However, he is introducing here a work in still life, a genre he has begun to explore of late. This is his first recent one and only the second work of this type that he has ever done. Obviously, he has already "got the hang of it."

This closing image is here for you to enjoy, and Dino's favorite saying is here to take with you:

"Pyrography is... just FUN when it's taken seriously."

Look for more images of the artist's work in the Dino Muradian Salon in the Portraits and Paintings Hall of the E-Museum of Pyrographic Art.

And closing 2008...

Wishing everyone very happy holidays
and all good things for the New Year 2009.

Pheasant Looking Back
by Don Worden

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The Author

Kathleen M. Garvey Menéndez learned her pyrography techniques in Guatemala in 1975–1977 under Carmela Flores. Her sister, Artist Sharon H. Garvey, later joined her there to collaborate on a pyrography project designed to promote this art form in the United States by means of a didactic book and a pyrography tool made by Navarro of Mexico.

Thanks to the internet, this is the twelfth year of articles on pyrography for the Woodcarver Online Magazine (WOM), started January 1997, and the eleventh year of the E-Museum of Pyrographic Art, which opened its virtual doors January 1998. In March of that year, the International Association of Pyrographic Artists (IAPA) was formed and members began meeting on line. Linked from the E-Museum's Café Flambé, which hosts the IAPA meetings, is the Yahoo Groups uniting_pyrographers mailing list, member list, and chat forum set up for IAPA members by IAPA Cofounder Ken "Mixo" Sydenham of Warragul, Victoria, Australia.

© 2008, Kathleen M. Garvey Menéndez, all rights reserved.