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Santa Gallery 2008 - Part III


"Santa Cobbler
Wyatt Sample

Basswood with linseed oil, acrylic paint and oil finish
6.5” x 4.5 ” x 3 ”

Writes Wyatt:   “This carving was inspired by an old German woodcarving of a cobbler I purchased on the Internet. The original German carving was stained in a two tone brown color."

"I thought it would make a good old time Santa making a pair of boots for a useful Christmas present. I added color with the red pants, green slippers and the white shirt to give the carving some traditional Christmas color and added a beard to the character to give him a Santa appearance.”

Wyatt's Web Site HERE




Santy with Basket
Ed Cusson

Basswood, with oils and wax
~14” tall



Quilt Santa
Mike Bloomquist

Basswood with color stains
~7" tall

Mike writes: "About the design:
* Quilt idea from Teri Embrey
* Body pose and flat plane style from Harley Refsal
* Eyes... mostly from Marv Kaisersatt with a couple Bloomquist "tweaks"
* Snowflake trim done with Cyndi Joslyn's "dodad dots" technique"



Bishop Santa with Birds
Russ Scott

Basswood with acrylics, poly, wax
9 " x 3 " x 3 "
Design inspired by Bollinger Heirloom Santa


Purple Midnight
Teri Embrey

Basswood with acrylic paints and stains
11 ” x 3” x 3”
Original design


Santa With Maine Coon Cat
Marcia Berkall

Basswood with acrylics
Original design


John Jussel

Basswood with acrylic wash, lindseed oil, spray finish, wax
From a Mark Gargac design


Doug Evans

Basswood and acrylics
10" tall

From a pattern by Shawn Cipa


Santa Group
Michael Harwell


Sandy Stows Away
Mike Bloomquist

Basswood with color stains
~ 13"long

Mike writes: "My design for a commission. The client wanted a likeness of her dog with
Santa.  I worked from photos as the dog had passed away in the 70s.  The
Santa was designed from Scandinavian Santa/Jule Tomte artwork I have."


by Teri Embrey

Cottonwood bark , 30" long and 7" tall , Original design

Teri writes: "This fellow is carved into a very long and unique piece of cottonwood bark. A side view of the gentle old fellow appears on the far right edge, his beard flowing all the way across the bottom of the piece. Leaves appear on the left and upper sides, and the inside is enhanced with a mountainous winterscape."

For a larger view, click HERE



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