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Paradise Center for the Arts To Host Second Marv Kaisersatt Show

The Paradise Center for the Arts, a multi-purpose art center located in Faribault, MN, is pleased to announce an exhibition of the “Marv-elous” woodcarvings of Marv Kaisersatt. Humorous, smart, funny, charming and amazing – words that apply equally to Marv and his work.

Each small vignette is carved from a single piece of basswood in Marv’s “signature” style and tells a story: The window that doesn’t QUITE fit into the space made for it by the bricklayers; the fishermen who reel in a fish twice the size of their boat; or the dragon whose flaming breath lights the cigarette of the female knight on her horse.

Born in 1939 in Montgomery Minnesota, Marv chose to make his career from yet another area in which he excels: math. As a teacher in the Faribault school system for nearly 30 years, Marv has been carving for even longer.

In 2007, Marv held his first, and, he insisted at the time, last exhibit of his work. However, some well-placed wheedling leveraged his insuppressible enthusiasm and a second show will run from February 20 – March 28th, 2009. This second exhibit will showcase new work as well as some of his “classic” pieces and some of his “rejects.”

Interactive, educational, and fun, Marv Kaisersatt’s February exhibit at the Paradise will inspire and fascinate. This show will also include original drawings, an interactive “Name That Piece” element, and answers to FAQ’s that Marv gets about his work.

An artist reception for Marv will take place February 20, 5:00 – 7:00pm. The public is invited to attend, and we look forward to hearing Marv talk about his exhibit, his ongoing work, and future plans.

More information at the Paradise Center web site HERE.

Photos of Marv's seminar and Blue Ribbon carving at IWC '08 by "Ol' Don" and Sandie Burgdorf.

Editor's Note - If you are within a 12 hour drive of Faribault, this is a "shouldn't miss" exhibit. While there, be sure to visit the Ivan Whillock Studio and the Woodcarvers' Warehouse shop.


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