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Caricature Carvers of America Exhibit and Sale

By Bob Travis

The Caricature Carvers of America are frequently asked by carvers and collectors how one can obtain carvings from CCA members who do not typically sell their work.  In response to those queries we have held two major eBay auctions in recent years.  Both of those auctions were very successful.  However, since the conclusion of the second eBay auction several members have retired, and we have inducted several new members.  With this change in the membership, and to again stimulate interest in the art of caricature carving, we are holding a new sale.  This event will take place in conjunction with our 2010 annual meeting in Branson, MO.  The exhibit of  24 original CCA carvings will open to the public at 6:00 PM on Saturday evening, September 25, at the Branson Best Western Inn and Conference Center.  As in our previous sales this will be a rare opportunity to own original carvings by CCA members who do not typically sell their work. 
We recognize that many potential buyers may not be able to attend the exhibit.  To compensate for that we will arrange for carvings to be purchased by telephone or e-mail as well as in person.  Potential buyers may post their name to any of the carvings during the exhibit by any of these methods.  Should more than one individual express interest in a specific carving we will randomly draw one name for that carving.  That person will have first right of refusal on that carving.  Should that person pass, we will draw a second name, on so on.  We realize this is a bit complicated, but we are taking this approach in the interest of fairness.  One advantage to potential purchasers is that an individual may place his or her name on several carvings without committing to buy all of them. 
Please check our web site at for sale guidelines, sale hours, telephone contact numbers, e-mail addresses, and additional information.  Photographs, descriptions, and prices of all 24 carvings may also be found on our web site. 

To visit a Photo Gallery of the carvings that will be for sale, click HERE


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