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Welcome to Issue 1 of Year 14 of Woodcarver Online Magazine.

Hello carving friends -

So here we are in early March. Due to a variety of reason, the January/February edition has been delayed until this posting. Your Humble Editor considered making this Part I of the March/April issue, and came to the conclusion that a bit late was far better then never.

The main event in this issue is the CCA Member Sale Gallery. You'll find a nice selection of great carving by CCA members that will be offered for sale later this year.

Also in this issue:

Pete LeClair's Jarrod

"Ol' Don's" Drawing Table - "Political Critic"

Events, Happenin's and Going's-on

Coming up in the next issue - the Winners' Gallery from the 2009 CCA Caricature Carving Competition.

Matt Kelley, Editor

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