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Santa Gallery 2014


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Last Minute



Last Minute Repair

Robert Bierman

Basswood plate. acrylics


Original Design




Slipping2 Slipping 3



Uh-oh We're Slippin’

Bob Cisco

Basswood, wire, tape and glue, acrylics, matte spray finish

7.5” x 4” x 3”

Inspired by a drawing on Pinterest






Norwegian Christmas Gnome

David Vowles

Basswood, acrylics

1.75" x 2" x 5"

Carved in a class led by Jan Oegema

David notes: Hi.  I'm new to carving having just started six weeks ago.  I've been taking a course from Jan Oegema in Bowmanville Ontario.




Berkall 01




Marcia Berkall

Basswood, acrylic washes

~ 6” tall

Original design



Rider 02

Rider01 Rider 03



Midnight Rider

Joe Land

Basswood, oil paints, Deft finish

17” tall

Joe notes: An original design inspired by the classic Victorian postcard Santas.  The name comes from the nocturnal animals I included hitching a ride with Santa, the racoon peaking out of Santa's pack and Owl riding on Santa's arm.



Perry 01

Perry 02

Perry 03



Santa’s Stroll Through The Park

Perry A. Reynolds

Basswood, with poplar light pole shaft, sawdust & hide glue, acrylics

8” x 12” x 13” overall, Santa 5.5” tall, Birds average 1.5” x .5” x 5/8”

Original Design


Willis 02

Smile Santa01



Smiling Santa

Jim Willis

Basswood, acrylic washes, satin lacquer

3” x 3.24” x 8”

From a Wayne Shinlever roughout




Duke 03 Duke 06

Duke 09



The Duke

Bob Cisco

Basswood, acrylics, pastel chalks, matte spray finish

8” x 4” x 4”

Original design



Cold Night



Preparing For A Cold Night

Robert Bierman

Basswood. acrylics

10” tall

Original Design


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