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Photo and Carving by
Jack D. Royer

The Junco was carved by Jack D. Royer, an avid bird feeder, watcher and carver. The pine branches are the result of the technique recently described in a post to the Woodcarver Listserve.
Over all the sculpture is 16" high and 12" wide. The bird is carved from jelutong. A combination of conventional tools such as bench knife and chisels were used also a Fordum and Gesswine power tools were used. The bird is painted with oil paints and the branches are painted with acrilics. The material used in the branch is brass rods, tubing, copper wire and ribbon epoxie. The base is walnut.

Jack belongs to the:
North East Iowa Woodcarvers Association
Affiliated Woodcarvers LTD.
The International Woodcarvers Congress
National Wood Carvers Association.