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Best of July/August, 1998

101 Things To Carve On A Rainy Day (Or Week), by Graeme Vaughan

I've always loved those quirky do-it-yourself books written somewhere in the 1950's, particularly the ones titled "A 101 Things ...".

Lota Of Wooden-Heads, by Jean D. Lotz

For this issue, I have designed and drafted patterns for several simple frozen dolls. These types of dolls have been made for hundreds of years.

Drawing an Ellipse for Relief Carving, by W.F. Judt

One of the tasks I disliked early on in my carving career was trying to draw an accurate ellipse.

Vacuum Kiln, by Lynn Diel

I have been involved with technology and wood for quite a few years. Over the years, I have become an avid reader of technology and wood information. A while back, I ran across an article talking about a company that was using a vacuum chamber as a kiln.

Pyrography and Kids! #1, by Kathleen Menendez

KinderArt Pyrography Classes at Jarea Art Studio, Canada

Pyrography and Kids! #2, by Kathleen Menendez

Pyrography by Teenage Art Students at Raffles School, Singapore

Pyrography and Kids! #3, by Kathleen Menendez

School Projects in Pyrography by Children in Senegal

Notes from the Net, by F. Pierce Pratt

"Notes from the Net" is a column compiled from a few of the email messages posted to the WoodCarver listserver. In these messages are the tips, hints and other tidbits traded each day between WoodCarver participants.

The Hunchback Santa #256, A Tina Toney

Copy the pattern onto onionskin/tracing paper and transfer to the cutout using graphite paper beneath. Carbon paper will smudge and make a general mess if used. You will notice dotted lines within the pattern and these will be the main stop cut lines as you begin your carving.