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Moiré Eel

Bob Gander, from Saskatoon Saskatchewan, recently won ribbons and accolades over this unique carving of a Moiré Eel. What made this piece most unusual is that it is made of Diamond Willow, and features the "found" shape of the wood contained within the willow branch. I love the fluid shape of the eel. You'd swear it was actually swimming by!

Says Bob: "This is a view from the side. The eel and reeds are diamond willow. The base is spalted birch. The eel is approximately 75 cm (30") long, and the tallest reeds are approximately 35 cm (13.5") high. The base is 15 cm (6") wide. The eel is finished with clear paste wax, the reeds and ocean bottom are oiled. The "frame" and ocean bottom are a single piece of wood. The frame has been painted."

photo of object

This is the view from the front.

He continues: "Although every piece of diamond willow is unique, the eel was every unusual piece. At the head of the eel, this piece had grown for twenty years only along the ridge that I used for the dorsal fin. The ridge was originally about 3/16" thick at the widest!"

photo of object

This is a view from the tail.

What a find, Bob! And how well you made use of it!

Bob is, if I may be permitted an observation, has started along a path that will lead him to pioneer in the area of using willow for artistic carving. Keep your eyes open for this fellow. His work has only begun!


Bill Judt