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Santa on Pear

A Tina Toney Design

For the beginning to advanced wood carver

Pattern Placement

Before drawing the design to the turning, halve and quarter the pear using the arch of the growth rings as the face front. Carving the face will be much easier on one of the arched sides.

The two drawings in the second row, previous page, give the frontal and profile view of the Santa within the perimeter of the wood turning represented by the dotted lines. Figure 5, from a different angle.


Upon completion of your woodcarving, clean the fuzz and slivers using the Testorís blades. Option: If you have a woodburner used for detailing birds, etc. it works terrific to clean but use on a cool burn. The original Santa has been woodburned in all the crevices, around the eyes, hair, beard, eyebrows, etc., using a light burn. Be cautious by not burning too heavily. Basswood is very easy to work with using a burning pen. When you have cleaned the junk out adequately, seal with Designís From The Heart Wood Sealer, which is ready to paint in about half an hour. Or you can seal with McCloskeyís Wood Stain Controller. It is somewhat more noxious and needs airing overnight, however, does a wonderful job. It usually lifts the grain a little, as most penetrating sealers do, which can be sanded away with the inside side of a piece of brown grocery bag. Wad it up and gently sand the surface until smooth. Cheaper than sandpaper.

Face: Sparingly pre-moisten the face area with Jo Sonjaís Flow Medium, no pooling. Brush mix Medium Flesh and Flow Medium together to form a wash,. If it is too runny, pull excess moisture from brush by gently laying it against the paper towel. Apply wash to entire face, let it dry thoroughly before assessment as to itís coverage. I only applied enough to cut the whiteness of the wood itself. The blush or rouge is applied in the same manner until the color is built as it pleases you. Remember to allow each layer to dry and donít work back over a piece as it dries, that pulls the color off making your Santa blotchy faced. Eyes: White over the entire eye surface, allow to dry and apply second layer if necessary. This Santaís eye surface is large enough to lightly draw the iris and pupil placement. The iris is Avalon blue, black pupil and white highlight. Hair,eyebrows and beard: Off White Fur Trim: Ivory Mittens: Black Belt: Charcoal Clothing: Sweetheart Blush shaded with Black, Jo Sonjaís Rich Gold accent above cuffs. Seal with Jo Sonjaís Satin or Matte Finish Varnish. A second coat to face is advisable.

Antique: Apply the Indian Sand with clean toothbrush or soft lint-free old T-shirt, immediately apply the Clear with soft cloth pulling excess Indian Sand off until satisfied. Work quickly and allow no more than 3 minutes for wax to dry before buffing to a nice patina. Repeat using Clear, buff. Enjoy!

For a complete catalog of designs by Tina Toney, please send a legal SASE to: Country Carvers
PO Box 303,
Cathlamet WA 98612.

238 Fat Santa On Pear

A Tina Toney Pattern

For the beginning to advanced wood carver


This pattern is suitable for the beginner as well as experienced wood carver.
It is carved on MatadorObject17 a basswood pear, approximately 3-1/4x2-1/2î, BTS-011, a Beaver Dam Decoy Product.

Tools, Etc: Assorted palm chisels, or the #117 Standard Palm chisel set. A good quality carving knife, a hobby knife handle, such as Model Master or "Gripster" by X-Acto and #11 Testor's blades, a Model Master product found in hobby stores specializing in model cars, airplanes, boats, etc. Well worth the effort to attain! A good quality wood carving glove and a non-slip mat for your work surface.

Paints and Mediums: Medium Flesh, Rouge, White, Off White, Ivory, Avalon Blue, Charcoal, Black, Sweetheart Blush, Jo Sonja's Rich Gold, an Itoya or Pigma permanent pen .005 for eye details, signature, etc. Krylon #1311 Matte Spray. Jo Sonjaís Flow Medium and Satin or Matte Finish Varnish.

Antique: Trewax Floor Paste Wax in Indian Sand and Clear. Old, clean, soft, lint-free rags and clean old toothbrushes are handy with this type of antiquing. To find Trewax Floor Paste Wax, call your local Ace, Tru-Value type stores and order. Most are happy to help!