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by Jim Ernst, Dave Galagher, John Sullivan, Dave Eagan,
Pete Ward and Hank Cloutier

Sponsored by the Northern Virginia Carvers

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Our project is to benefit the Childrens Hospital Foundation here in Washington, DC. The Northern Virginia Carvers are sponsoring a raffle for six carvings completed by NVCA members. The first prize is a foursome of golfers in the Tom Wolf style placed on a green with the ball on the edge of the cup.

This carving is titled "NO GIMMEE'S---Putt IT". The second and third prizes will consist of a single golfer. The golfers were carved by Jim Ernst,Dave Galagher,John Sullivan,Dave Eagan,Pete Ward and Hank Cloutier. Raffle tickets are being sold by club members and by local businesses.

NVCA members will be visiting northern Va. area Golf Courses with the carvings to promote the raffle. If you will email me an address I can forward you a package with pictures. The club has hopes of selling 2-4 thousand tickets at $1 each 6 for $5.

Mike Parker, http://hometown.aol.com/KnifeCut/carve.html

Hank Cloutier FLTENGC118@AOL.COM

The Northern Northern Virginia Carvers carving club was started in 1974. Throughout its existance, the club has continuously conducted carving classes for the young and old alike. Every summer members of the club gather at a local park called Colvin Mill on the first and third Sunday of each month to teach carving to the public, for free.

Additionally, carving is taugh at adult education classes through a couple of local counties and schools. We have our Monthly meetings on the third Monday of each month at the Holy Trinity Church in Arlington VA and meet every Thursday at the "Carving Center" set up in the shop class of George Mason Middle/High School in Falls Church VA. Currently, there are nearly 300 members on the club roster, though many are not actively involved.

We have our annual Woodcarving Show on the third weekend of October, which is currently held at the Elks Lodge in Fairfax VA. The Virtual Porch will be displayed at this years show.