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Woodcarving Class Etiquette

Vic Kirkman <marshduck@mindspring.com>



A Dozen Rules of Etiquette to Consider
When You Attend a Woodcarving Class

1. Never use another woodcarver's tools without his or her permission.

2. Do not attempt to guide, critique or instruct another student unless asked to do so by the instructor.

3. Do not ask another student for instruction. Ask the instructor.

4. Give as much advance notice as you can when unable to attend a scheduled class. Don't wait until right before the class starts, to notify the instructor of your absence.

5. Never use another teacher's methods or books to challenge methods being taught. This is confusing to other students and rude. Challenge methods or techniques privately with the instructor.

6. Always return borrowed items promptly; tools, reference material, supplies, etc.

7. Ask the instructor where to set up when you arrive. Don't claim one spot for your own for every class. The teacher may have a preference for student seating in any given class period.

8. Always call ahead before visiting at a time outside of your scheduled instruction session. Don't just drop in on another class.

9. The absence of profanity offends no one.

10. Don't juggle class periods or the schedule to get a class with fewer students. You learn more when there are other students in the class. It makes it difficult for the instructor to plan the sessions not knowing which students are going to be attending. If you wish to have private classes, then arrange those with the instructor in advance.

11. If you must smoke, do it outdoors and never go to class after drinking any amount of alcoholic beverage. Knives, power tools and driving don't mix with alcohol and there are others to consider beside yourself.

12. Don't make excuses for mistakes with your carvings; you are in a class to learn and mistakes are part of it. There is no need to be defensive about your efforts. Learn the lesson and move on to learn more. The only real mistake is in giving up.