Volume3 Issue1, January, 1999

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Editor's note: Joe Brott has kindly submitted this chart for calculating the speed of pulleys and wheels for those of use that are concerned about how fast our grinding and buffing wheels are turning. Perhaps now we will be able to keep our tools from being damaged by the excessive heat caused by touching tools to wheels that are turning too fast :-)


For a motor running @ 1725rpm with pulley sizes (as indicated below) produces rpm shown under each diameter.

   Diameters of Driven pulleys
Dia. of Motor Pulley  4"  6 1/2"  8"  10"  12"
 1 1/4"  540rpm  430  265  215  175
 2"  850rpm  530  430  345  230

Note: For a 3450 rpm motor, just double the speeds listed.