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"Mickey Duck"

by Mixo

by K. J. Mixo Sydenham

Pyrography on paper (2 mm thick illustrators board)
Color-enhanced; 2-1/2 ft. wide

Editor's Note: I asked Kathleen Menendez, whose articles on Pyrography grace the pages of this E-zine every issue, if I could use an image from her latest article for the Front Cover.

Created by Mixo Sydenham, this is a truly beautiful piece of work, full of life and color.

Pyrographic works have been included in the E-zine from the beginning in order to show woodcarvers another tool/technique to add to their repertoire for embellishing their carvings. There seems to be no limit to what can be achieved through pyrography. Congratulations, Mixo :-)

Basic steps in production

  • Original photograph
  • Enlarged to size of project on photocopier
  • Tape in position on Illustrators board (a type of paper--this one is only 2mm thick )
  • Burn outline through photocopy on to board
  • Burn details of duck
  • Add a dash of water color here and there
  • As simple as a duck takes to water