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by Ivan Whillock


A short list of books on
various areas of relief carving

The Book of Wood Carving

by Charles Marshall Sayers

If you want to carve decorative scrolls, shells, ball and bead
molding--designs appropriate for boxes and furniture, this is a good, classical beginning. Available from Dover.

Relief Carving with Bob Lundy: "Scenery in Wood"

by Bob Lundy

Here Bob lays out a cougar pattern--and later an Indian and shows his techniques for carving them. His techniques are unorthodox. Careful, Ivan! I do not mean that as a slam, only to point out that one looking for traditional techniques would not find them here (as opposed to Sayers, Keilhofer and ?, for example). The step-by-step photos are clear and well placed. Schiffer.

Floral Wood Carving

by Mack Sutter

The book contains 21 floral patterns with a brief description of technique. A photo of each carving is included across the page from the pattern. Veteran Chip Chats readers are familiar with Mack Sutter's patterns. Mack was self-taught and used techniques he developed himself. Sadly, he died recently. (Dover)


Relief Carving Treasury

by Bill Judt

If you don't yet have the book, why not? At least support your leader! The book is handsomely done with patterns carefully measured, and photos well done. The patterns are router accessible because most of the levels are parallel to the original surface. Bill has a clean, crisp carving style. But, hey, you all know that!


Basic Relief Carving

George Keilhofer

George was trained in the European tradition. Here he demonstrates carving an oak leaf.) Schiffer?


Scenic Relief Carving

George Keilhofer

George carves a leaping deer (don't have the book in front of me to describe it fully.) Schiffer?

Relief Carving Made Simple

Ivan Whillock

Here Ivan carves a "carving
school project" using traditional techniques. The book concentrates on process in order to introduce various techniques to the beginner. Right-left grain orientation, two-handed carving, tool-specific cuts, the concave and convex function of gouges, etc.

Pictorial Relief

Ivan Whillock

Introduces the four steps of relief carving: grounding out, layering, shaping, and detailing. Two-handed carving is shown. Step by step instruction for four patterns: leaves, a horse's head, bear in a stream, and an Indian Brave. There's a pattern and completed picture for thirteen others.

Relief Carving Techniques

Ivan Whillock

Here the charlatan carver chewshis way through four lessons, carving trees, a profile face, a front view face, and a two-point perspective building. There are 16 additional projects and patterns.

Available from any of your well-stocked carving shops, (throw you business to the folks on the list) or, in some cases, autographed copies are available directly from the authors (For those of you who want somebody else's name scrawled in YOUR book!).


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