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Jeff Fleisher Announces:

a NEW Concept in Chip Carving!

Chip Carving is fun, relaxing and rewarding. The unique concept of using pre-made designs on rubber stamps makes it even more so for the beginner. Rubber stamps eliminate the time consuming, and often frustrating process of drawing, and re-drawing designs necessary for practice. The joy of carving is in learning how to properly "chip" the pieces of wood.


PACKAGE.JPG (51708 bytes)

Stamp 'n Chip reduces the amount of time that a student spends drawing, thereby optimizing their carving time. The kit contains six rubber stamps with designs that take the student from simple triangles to borders, adjacent triangles, rosettes, and free form. The kit also includes an ink pad, and a 25-page workbook with step-by-step directions.

As a chip carving instructor, I was frustrated with making practice boards for my students using photocopies and messy chemicals.  Many of my students spent more time with a compass and ruler than carving.  There must be a better way!  Although I created the Stamp 'n Chip kit so students in my class could spend their time carving I soon had the idea that many people could benefit from this approach.  Therefore, the Stamp 'n Chip kit is now available to everyone.


A Sample Page from the 26-page Stamp 'n Chip Workbook

bookletp4.GIF (18359 bytes)

The Stamp 'n Chip kit contains a 26-page workbook that describes, step-by-step, how to chip carve.  The lessons start with simple triangles and then continues on to carving borders, adjacent triangles, rosettes, and finally, free form.



The workbook contains easy to follow instructions, photographs, and labeled graphics.




You can obtain the Stamp 'n Chip kit for only $29.99.


Please visit my web site for more information about this new, unique concept for learning chip carving.  The kit is also great for chip carving instructors.  Now you can easily create practice boards for your class!




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Jeff Fleisher (chpcrvr@aol.com)